Lionel Messi openly expresses his perspective on his role at Inter Miami as he strategically manages his playing time


Lionel Messi openly expresses his perspective on his role at Inter Miami as he strategically manages his playing time

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Lionel Messi is committed to staying with Inter Miami, despite swirling rumors of potential loan moves to Saudi Arabia or a return to Barcelona. Instead, he’s looking forward to spending quality time with his family in Argentina during the holiday season before gearing up for the upcoming season.

In the immediate future, Messi’s primary focus is on Inter Miami’s impending season finale against Charlotte FC. While the team narrowly missed the MLS Playoffs, the Argentine football icon expressed his desire to enjoy a well-deserved break with his loved ones.

Although speculations had been circulating about possible winter transfers to the Saudi Pro League or a reunion with Barcelona, his current priority is the upcoming clash against Charlotte this Saturday.

“It’s disappointing that we didn’t make the playoffs,” Messi commented. “We came very close, but injuries and a challenging schedule in July took a toll. Nevertheless, we did secure a tournament victory, which holds significance for the club and sets the stage for the next year.”

He further explained, “I’ll be training and playing our next match against Charlotte FC, aiming to join the national team in top form for November.

After that, I’ll relish the holiday season in Argentina, marking the first time I’ll have a more leisurely December, filled with tranquility and cherished moments with my family.

Come January, I’ll return for preseason training, starting afresh and preparing diligently, just as always.”

Inter Miami is set to wrap up its season with two fixtures against Charlotte, with Messi expected to receive his eighth Ballon d’Or trophy later this month as the World Player of the Year.

Nevertheless, he’s unlikely to participate in Wednesday’s game due to his international commitments.

The decision regarding Messi’s participation on Saturday rests with Inter Miami’s head coach, Gerardo “Tata” Martino, who stated, “We’ll assess not only Leo but all players who are returning from national team duty on Thursday. Since we are out of the playoffs, we want to avoid unnecessary risks.”

Charlotte FC is on the verge of making history by potentially securing their first-ever MLS playoff spot. To achieve this, they must secure victories in both matches against Miami this week.

Failing to do so would leave their playoff aspirations hanging by a thread, reliant on the results of other clubs in their second season in the league.

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Over the last four weeks, Messi has grappled with injuries, often finding himself on the sidelines or utilized as a substitute due to a reported muscle issue and occasional fatigue. Despite this fatigue, he not only started for Argentina on Tuesday night but also managed to score both goals in their 2-0 victory over Peru.


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