Rafael Nadal compares his longevity to that of Novak Djokovic's: "I have made wrong decisions when it comes to protecting my physique


Rafael Nadal Reflects on His Career Longevity in Comparison to Novak Djokovic: “I Made Mistakes in Preserving My Physical Condition

Rafael Nadal Reflects on Career Injuries and Draws Comparisons to Novak Djokovic’s Longevity

Rafael Nadal recently discussed the injuries he has faced during his career and compared his durability to that of Novak Djokovic.

Since suffering a hip injury at the Australian Open earlier this year, Nadal has not participated in any competitive tournaments. As his injury took longer to heal than expected, the Spanish 22-time Grand Slam champion decided to take an extended break from tennis.

In a recent interview with Movistar, Nadal candidly discussed his injury-prone career. He acknowledged that in his early days, he made some decisions that were not in the best interest of preserving his physical well-being. Nonetheless, he recognized that despite wishing for certain things to have gone differently, he has remained one of the premier players in the sport for many years.

I Would Make Several Changes in My Life and Career,” Rafael Nadal Reflects

Rafael Nadal recently expressed his willingness to make alterations to his life and career. He admitted to having made mistakes in safeguarding his physical well-being, especially during his earlier years. Despite these decisions, Nadal emphasized that he has consistently been among the top players in the tennis world for an extended period. (via MARCA)

Rafael Nadal Acknowledges Novak Djokovic’s Superior Physical Management

Nadal also acknowledged that his long-time rival, Novak Djokovic, has excelled in managing his physical condition. He attributed Djokovic’s career longevity and avoidance of career-threatening injuries to his favorable playing style.

Djokovic has outperformed me in this regard due to his playing style, which has enabled him to have a longer career,” he observed.

The 37-year-old emphasized that he hasn’t been prudent in terms of injury prevention.

But I was mistaken in believing that my decisions were sound,” he added.

“I hold back, even though I feel like moving” – Rafael Nadal on his recovery and training

The Spaniard at the 2023 Australian Open | Credit By: sportskeeda

Rafael Nadal also discussed his recovery and training regimen, revealing that he has been primarily focusing on gym workouts, dedicating 40 minutes a day, three times a week. His goal is to achieve peak physical condition for the tournaments he intends to participate in next year.

40 minutes, three days a week, and extensive gym sessions. My ideal scenario is to compete as frequently as I can and participate in the tournaments I’m most passionate about,” he expressed.

The former World No. 1 also mentioned that he’s practicing moderation during his on-court training, a departure from his usual approach.

I play with reduced intensity compared to my usual style, even though the ball still travels fast. I’m holding back, even though I have the urge to move,” he noted.

Nadal, who has dealt with injuries before, mentioned that while he typically gets bored during the recovery process, it doesn’t diminish his focus and enthusiasm.

I’ve often found myself bored during recovery periods, but it has never dampened my focus or enthusiasm,” he added.

Nadal also disclosed that he has been playing golf during his tennis hiatus “because I crave competition.”



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