Former Wimbledon champion has become Zumba instructor during tennis hiatus


Former Wimbledon Champion Takes Up Zumba Instruction During Tennis Hiatus

Former World No. 1 Garbine Muguruza has swapped the tennis courts for fitness classes after taking an extended break from the sport.

Two-time Grand Slam champion Garbine Muguruza, once a Wimbledon champion, embarks on a remarkable career shift, now embracing the role of a Zumba instructor. After a prolonged break from the world of professional tennis, Muguruza has chosen to pursue a new and exciting path. While she relishes her newfound passion for Zumba, she remains open to the possibility of making a comeback to the tennis arena in the days to come.

At the age of 29, Garbine Muguruza has carved out an impressive career since turning professional in 2012. Hailing from Venezuela, she ascended to the pinnacle of the world rankings in 2017 and boasts a remarkable tally of 10 career titles, including the prestigious distinction of capturing two Grand Slam championships and clinching victory at the 2021 WTA Finals.

Her two major titles were secured through hard-fought victories against none other than the formidable Williams sisters. In 2017, she triumphed over Venus in a memorable Wimbledon final, while in 2016, she displayed her prowess by defeating Serena at the French Open. These milestones marked the zenith of her career, but a series of injuries and a dip in her form prompted her to make the difficult decision to step away from the sport.

Presently, the Spaniard finds herself ranked at 461st in the world rankings, a reflection of the challenges she has faced over the past couple of seasons. Her last competitive appearance was at the Lyon Open in February, where she suffered a straight-sets defeat at the hands of Linda Noskova. This loss marked her sixth consecutive setback, ultimately leading to her temporary departure from the world of tennis.”

Despite no longer gracing the tennis courts, Garbine Muguruza has discovered an alternative avenue to keep herself engaged and physically active – immersing herself in the energetic world of Zumba.

This transition in her career path hardly comes as a shock to her devoted fan base, given her frequent sharing of dance clips on social media platforms. In fact, she recently made an appearance at an event in Malaga during early September, where an estimated 500 people joined in on the fun.

Muguruza firmly believes that Zumba offers unique advantages that tennis cannot replicate. She articulated this perspective, noting, “The distinction between my usual training regimen and Zumba lies in the fact that tennis emphasizes emotional control, intense focus, and minimizing errors.

In the realm of Zumba, however, the dynamics are quite the opposite. Here, making a mistake is inconsequential. The essence of Zumba lies in surrendering to the music, allowing your emotions to take center stage.

Though thoroughly relishing her hiatus from tennis, Muguruza still harbors ambitions of returning to the sport in the near future. Speaking at the Chamartin Tennis Club after being honored with a Gold Medal for Sports Merit, she expressed, “I’m savoring this sabbatical; I believe taking a break is essential, but it’s by no means a permanent farewell. I intend to prepare myself for a comeback, and when I feel ready, I’ll step back onto the courts.

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