Cumbrian becomes Wimbledon tennis champion at 60


Cumbrian Tennis Enthusiast Clinches Wimbledon Championship at 60

At the age of 60, Cumbrian tennis enthusiast Gary Payton achieved a remarkable feat by clinching Wimbledon championships in both the singles and doubles competitions within his age category. His outstanding performance has ignited hopes of being selected for the Great Britain team at the upcoming World Championships.

Reflecting on his Wimbledon experience, Gary expressed his awe at stepping onto the hallowed courts and savoring the sight of the iconic structures surrounding him. He recounted the exceptional quality of the courts, likening them to playing on a pristine carpet. Every moment of the week was cherished, with Gary playing a total of 10 matches, encountering only one unfortunate bounce throughout the competition.

In the singles final, Gary emerged victoriously with a score of 6-1, 6-2, which, despite the seemingly clear margin, was a testament to the challenges faced on the court. Similarly, in the doubles final, the score stood at 6-3, 6-4, securing another triumphant moment in Gary Payton’s tennis journey.

credit by: Gary Payton is a coach at Keswick and Braithwaite Tennis Club.Credit: ITV

As he enters his seventh decade of life, Gary Payton continues to serve as a dedicated coach at the Keswick and Braithwaite Tennis Club. Despite his age, he harbors ambitious aspirations, including a return to representing Team GB.

Gary shared his goals for the year, expressing optimism about achieving both of them. His first objective was to secure victory in one of the most prestigious tennis events, which he has successfully accomplished at Wimbledon. The second goal is to earn a spot in the GB team for the forthcoming world championships, with hopes that his Wimbledon triumph will bolster his chances.

Having embarked on his tennis journey at the tender age of 12, Gary possesses an unwavering passion for the sport. He firmly believes that there’s no foreseeable moment when he might consider giving up the game he cherishes. In tennis, he finds inspiration from those who continue competing at the age of 85, reinforcing his commitment to the sport for the foreseeable future.


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