Lancaster, Pa. youth tennis group gets to experience US Open


Youth Tennis Group from Lancaster, Pennsylvania Gets a Memorable US Open Experience

Young Tennis Players from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Make Lifelong Memories at US Open

Lancaster, Pennsylvania – A group of young athletes from Tennis Central in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, had the opportunity of a lifetime as they attended the US Open, creating unforgettable memories.

The experience of witnessing live tennis alongside their summer counselors and seeing professional players practice left a lasting impression on these aspiring tennis players. Mystique Avellanet, a 12th grader, expressed her excitement, saying, “What I loved about going to the US Open was getting to experience that moment of seeing live tennis with all of my counselors that I worked with over the summer and seeing the pros practice.”

One of the highlights of their trip was the chance to play tennis matches on the same courts where their tennis idols competed. Londyn Pugh, a 9th grader, shared her excitement about hitting on those famous courts, remarking, “I liked hitting on the court because it made me feel like a real pro.”

Meeting professional players in person was another thrilling experience for these young tennis enthusiasts, who even had the privilege of getting their tennis balls signed by some of the pros. For Pugh, seeing her favorite player, Coco Gauff, in action was a dream come true. She explained, “She gives me inspiration because she’s so good at a young age.”

The US Open, which concluded on September 10, saw Pugh’s idol, Coco Gauff, clinch the women’s singles title. This trip was not only a special moment for the kids but also for their parents. Zenaida Romero, one of the players’ parents, shared her excitement for them, stating, “I was excited for them because I knew they were looking really forward to it. It was a great experience for them.”

While the US Open may have ended, the memories created during this trip will stay with these young tennis players forever.

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