Tennis pro Bombarded by fans with balls, Umpire Steps in to Control the Chaos.


Tennis pro Bombarded by fans with balls, Umpire Steps in to Control the Chaos.

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Chair umpire aids Liudmila Samsonova as fans in Zhengzhou target 11th seed with tennis balls.


After securing her victory at the Zhengzhou Open, Liudmila Samsonova faced an unusual situation. Fans seated high in the stands began tossing tennis balls at her in an attempt to obtain the 11th seed’s autograph. This surprising turn of events followed her win over Tatjana Maria, and it left both Samsonova and the umpire scrambling to collect the scattered balls.

The unique aspect of this incident was the court itself. Samsonova was competing on the smaller Grandstand court, where the stands were positioned at a significantly higher level, not offering direct access to the court. However, this didn’t deter some enthusiastic fans in the front rows from seeking a cherished souvenir of their time at the tournament.

When Samsonova acknowledged their support by waving, spectators in the front rows started throwing various items onto the court, including oversized tennis balls, hoping for an autograph. Tournament staff quickly attempted to signal the fans to cease their actions.

In response to the unusual situation, the 24-year-old Russian player set aside her belongings and joined the chair umpire in gathering the scattered balls, eventually resolving the unexpected aftermath of her victory.


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