Serena Williams' Former Coach Discusses Novak Djokovic's Two-Handed Backhand


Serena Williams’ Former Coach Discusses Novak Djokovic’s Two-Handed Backhand

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Renowned Coach Rick Macci Praises Novak Djokovic’s Backhand as the Best in Tennis History

Rick Macci, renowned as Serena Williams’ childhood coach, has hailed Novak Djokovic’s backhand as the ultimate two-handed backhand in the history of tennis. Djokovic, a 24-time Grand Slam champion, possesses one of the most well-rounded skill sets in tennis, with his exceptional footwork and a backhand that has consistently stood out as one of the finest in the game.

Macci, who guided Serena and Venus Williams during their early years, is thoroughly impressed by Djokovic’s ability to manipulate his backhand. He emphasizes Djokovic’s biomechanical approach, describing it as the ‘PULL/PUSH’ method that establishes a strong bond between control and precision, making it a standout feature in Djokovic’s formidable game.

“Acclaimed Coaches Rick Macci and Patrick Mouratoglou Applaud Novak Djokovic’s Exceptional Backhand

Two former coaches of the Williams sisters, Rick Macci and Patrick Mouratoglou, have expressed their admiration for Novak Djokovic’s remarkable backhand. Mouratoglou, another former coach of the Williams siblings, previously provided an in-depth analysis of what makes Djokovic’s backhand truly outstanding.

Mouratoglou highlighted several key elements of Djokovic’s backhand, starting with his early and compact preparation that enables him to react swiftly and adapt to the ball’s speed. Djokovic’s footwork was also commended for its strong base, allowing him to harness maximum energy from the ground. Notably, Djokovic’s use of a closed stance, influenced by his right-eye dominance, was emphasized, as it enhances his ball perception and court vision.

Furthermore, Mouratoglou described Djokovic’s weight transfer from the back foot to the front during the swing, and how he efficiently drops his racket head below his wrist, enabling precise control. Djokovic’s follow-through, extending far in front with fully extended left arm, was lauded as a testament to his effective use of both hands in his backhand.

As Djokovic continues to dominate the tennis world at 36, his incredible achievements this year, including reaching the finals of all four Grand Slams and securing his 24th major title, have earned him widespread acclaim for his extraordinary longevity and prowess. With his current form, Djokovic’s career in professional tennis appears far from over, promising even more remarkable accomplishments in the future.


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