Roger Federer's Candid Take on Whether Carlos Alcaraz Compares to the Big Three in Tennis


Roger Federer’s Candid Take on Whether Carlos Alcaraz Compares to the Big Three in Tennis

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Roger Federer recently shared his thoughts on the comparisons made between Carlos Alcaraz and the Big Three in tennis, consisting of Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic. While Federer sees certain resemblances in Alcaraz’s game, he emphasized that labeling the young Spaniard as a “combination of the Big Three” might not be entirely fair.

At the age of just 20, Alcaraz boasts an impressive resume with two Grand Slam titles, five Masters titles, and multiple stints as the world No. 1. His career is in its early stages, yet he possesses a well-rounded game that has drawn comparisons to the legendary trio.

Federer stated, “Yes, I see similarities between Alcaraz’s game and those of Rafa (Nadal), Novak (Djokovic), and myself. In his forehand, I see a bit of Rafa’s power and style, as well as some of my technique. He’s adept at drop shots and employs a slice. His ability to play from the backline, akin to Rafa’s defensive prowess, is also evident. He possesses defensive qualities that can rival those of Novak.”

While recognizing the exceptional level reached by Djokovic and Nadal, Federer pointed out that Alcaraz has the potential for even greater achievements if he stays injury-free.

Regarding the notion of Alcaraz being a “combination of the Big Three,” Federer expressed his reservations. He suggested that each player has their own unique style and identity. Federer believes that making too many comparisons can detract from recognizing and appreciating each player for their distinctive contributions to the sport.

Alcaraz, when asked about emulating the Big Three, has consistently asserted that he aspires to be himself, Carlos Alcaraz. Federer’s perspective reinforces the idea that tennis should celebrate the individuality and distinctiveness of its talented athletes.


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