Roger Federer's Candid Remarks on Carlos Alcaraz's Shanghai Exit


Roger Federer’s Candid Remarks on Carlos Alcaraz’s Shanghai Exit

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A Tennis Legend Delights Fans at ATP Master 1000 in Shanghai

Shanghai’s ATP Master 1000 tournament had tennis enthusiasts buzzing with excitement, and the presence of the iconic Roger Federer only added to the anticipation. The Swiss Maestro, known for his exceptional career in tennis, certainly lived up to the high expectations, leaving fans in awe and sharing some lighthearted banter about Carlos Alcaraz.

Federer graced the semi-finals of the tournament, where he continued to create unforgettable moments with the multitudes of fans who flocked to witness the climactic showdowns.

In a video shared by the event organizers on Twitter, the 42-year-old Basel native took a captivating tour of the Qizhong Forest Sports City Arena facilities. As an esteemed guide, the 20-time Grand Slam champion graciously showcased the entire facility’s interiors, greeted his ardent admirers, and even took time to sign autographs.

During his tour, Federer crossed paths with Andrey Rublev, who was visibly moved by the presence of the tennis legend during his quarter-final match against Frenchman Ugo Humbert.

Federer, always known for his wit and charm, shared a delightful anecdote about this year’s edition of the ATP in Shanghai. He quipped, “I heard that Carlos Alcaraz would stay in my locker room this year. Since he was eliminated, I got my locker room back. I’m sorry that he isn’t here anymore, but I’m happy to have my locker room back!”

In a heartwarming exchange, the 42-year-old Basel maestro took center court on Friday, engaging with Chinese talent Zhizhen Zhang and Chinese tennis legend Na Li.

Federer made it clear that his retirement was final, stating, “I’m a content retired player. There won’t be a comeback. I had a fantastic journey in the tennis world, pushing myself to the limit and giving it my all. There’s nothing left for me to offer on the court. Now, I’m just another passionate tennis fan like all of you. I miss those moments, but a new chapter has begun. The past year has been incredible, with less tennis but more quality time with my children.”

While there have been rumors swirling about a potential guest appearance at Wimbledon, Federer’s resolute declaration suggests otherwise.


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