Roger Federer's Candid Reflection on Missing Matches Against Rafael Nadal


Roger Federer’s Candid Reflection on Missing Matches Against Rafael Nadal

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Roger Federer’s Remark on Missing Matches Against Rafael Nadal

Renowned tennis legend Roger Federer has recently shared his perspective on the idea of missing the thrill of competing against Rafael Nadal. Surprisingly, Federer confessed that he doesn’t find himself yearning to go toe-to-toe with the Spanish powerhouse, primarily because he finds the prospect of facing Nadal, an all-time great in the sport, to be quite nerve-wracking. Federer, often hailed as the ultimate tennis icon, is renowned for his enduring rivalry with Nadal that has etched its place in the annals of tennis history.

Their epic showdowns on the main stage spanned a total of 40 encounters. In this intense rivalry, Nadal emerged as the more triumphant, securing victory 24 times against Federer while suffering 16 losses. Their last memorable clash unfolded during the 2019 Wimbledon semifinal, with Federer prevailing over Nadal in four compelling sets.

During a recent appearance on the ATP Tennis Radio Podcast, Federer was probed about whether he misses competing against Nadal. In response, Federer expressed, “I haven’t really thought about it, to be honest, if I miss playing Rafa. Not really, you know. Maybe more so happy not to play, just glad I’m not in that tough match where you stare down a Centre Court match with one of the greats. It’s nerve-wracking, you know. I had it so often that it’s good not to have it anymore, I guess,” confessed Federer.

Recalling a significant moment in their rivalry, Federer reminisced about his victory over Nadal in the 2017 Shanghai Masters final. He recounted his triumph during a recent visit to Shanghai, where he was honored as “The Icon Athlete of the 2023 Shanghai Masters.

In Shanghai, Federer clinched two prestigious titles over the course of his illustrious career. His initial Shanghai triumph occurred in 2014 when he defeated Gilles Simon, securing his first Shanghai title. Three years later, he claimed another title in Shanghai, this time by defeating Nadal with a score of 6-4, 6-3. During his visit to Shanghai, Federer expressed his happiness at having had the opportunity to face Nadal in this iconic city.

“I have played Rafa on so many occasions, almost… Not on every court or every tournament I have played but almost in all the big matches all around the world. And I’m happy we could do it here, I think not just once but maybe even three times. And of course, it’s even more special if it’s in the finals. I thought I played extremely well in that match. I felt like Rafa was a little bit banged up with his knees and maybe a bit tired, but I played a fantastic tournament in a fantastic year in 2017 when I came back with my knee problems,” Federer reflected on his historic showdown with Nadal in Shanghai.


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