Roger Federer Playfully Teases Rafael Nadal: 'No Need for His Biceps,' in Tennis Banter


Roger Federer Playfully Teases Rafael Nadal: ‘No Need for His Biceps,’ in Tennis Banter

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In a delightful turn of events at the 2023 Shanghai Rolex Masters, tennis legend Roger Federer unveiled a glimpse into his post-retirement training regimen, offering a humorous take on his approach to fitness in comparison to his long-time rival, Rafael Nadal.

The Swiss Maestro, who bid adieu to his professional tennis career during the Laver Cup in 2022, playfully addressed a question about whether he was intensively focusing on building biceps and matching the Herculean stature of his friend and competitor, Rafael Nadal. Federer’s response was quintessentially him, brimming with his trademark wit.

With a grin, Roger remarked, “What? No, no, no. He can have the biceps. I don’t need that one. I’ll never be there. I do everything – cardio, some weight training, and more focus on core exercises. It’s also good for the back. I believe that when you’re less active, your body tends to ache more. So, a bit of movement is always good. It certainly makes me feel better, for sure.”

Even in his post-tennis phase, Federer maintains a deep connection with the sport he graced for so long. He expressed his ongoing passion for tennis, stating, “I still follow tennis.” While he might not be actively competing, many fans continue to hope for a surprise return to the court.

Federer provided insight into his current fitness regimen, explaining, “I’ve attempted to hit the gym about four times a week, though it’s not always easy to keep up. I purchased some exercise equipment for my home, which I used for just a week after the Laver Cup last year. I’ve had a gym at home for a while, but I rarely used it. Since my official retirement, though, I’ve felt the need to utilize it.”

He continued, “I may not be playing tennis as frequently, and physical activity isn’t a constant in my life, so I have to be conscious of my diet. In the coming years, I’d like to remain fit, as I have aspirations for some special performances. I incorporate a well-rounded routine, encompassing both cardio and weight training. In the end, it’s all about being careful. I firmly believe that the less you move, the more your body protests, so staying active is always beneficial. It undeniably uplifts my well-being.”

Despite his reduced involvement on the court, Federer remains deeply engaged with the tennis world. He shared, “I follow the results daily. I relish staying updated and informed about the sport, and when necessary, I catch the highlights to get a better grasp of the matches. In just five minutes, you can discern the pivotal moments of a match. However, due to time constraints, watching an entire match is a luxury I rarely enjoy. Juggling responsibilities with my kids keeps me occupied. I did manage to catch part of the Wimbledon final; I couldn’t resist tuning in. It was an exhilarating contest, and I’m always thrilled when new narratives unfold in the realm of sports.


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