US Open doubles tennis champ Kgothatso KG Montjane eyeing a singles Grand Slam title and an Olympic medal


Kgothatso KG Montjane Sets Her Sights on Singles Grand Slam Victory and Olympic Medal

Kgothatso Montjane: South Africa’s Tennis Star Sets Her Sights on Singles Grand Slam Triumph and Olympic Glory”

South African tennis sensation Kgothatso Montjane has garnered significant attention for her recent achievements, including winning two doubles Grand Slam titles this year. However, Montjane remains focused on achieving even greater success in her career.

Despite her remarkable accomplishments, Montjane believes that she has more to offer in the world of tennis. She expressed her ambition to secure a singles Grand Slam victory before considering herself among South Africa’s tennis greats.

Montjane returned to South Africa after her triumphant win at the US Open, where she claimed the wheelchair women’s doubles title alongside her partner Yui Kamiji. Their victory came after their opponents in the final were unable to compete due to illness.

This latest Grand Slam title adds to Montjane’s impressive list of achievements, including her earlier win in the Roland Garros women’s wheelchair doubles with Yui. Montjane described the experience as a dream come true, highlighting the incredible support she received from Billie Jean King and her team in the US.

Montjane praised Yui as the best doubles partner she has ever had, emphasizing their strong communication and motivation on the court. Despite the unusual circumstances of their recent victory, Montjane believes that a win is a win and is excited about the prospect of more successes with Yui.

While Montjane is enjoying remarkable form, she maintains that her best tennis is yet to come. She feels that she can further improve, particularly in singles competition, where she aims to excel both physically and mentally. Montjane’s unwavering determination and dedication continue to drive her pursuit of tennis excellence.

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Kgothatso Montjane’s Inspiring Journey: From Late Start to Grand Slam Glory

Kgothatso Montjane, South Africa’s wheelchair tennis sensation, reflects on her incredible journey in the sport and her determination to achieve even greater success.

Montjane acknowledges that many of her opponents in wheelchair tennis have dedicated their entire lives to the sport, benefiting from well-structured development systems in their respective countries. However, she remains committed to improving her game and closing the gap.

Despite facing challenges and setbacks in recent years, including disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic and an elbow injury, Montjane considers this period as one of the most exhilarating phases of her career. She has made significant strides in her recovery and performance, reaching three Grand Slam finals in a single year, marking it as her most successful year to date.

While Montjane appreciates the support she receives from sponsors and her management team, she highlights the struggles faced by many wheelchair tennis players who lack access to coaching and funding. She emphasizes the need for more support and recognition of wheelchair athletes in South Africa.

Montjane briefly shares how she and her doubles partner, Yui, celebrated their recent Grand Slam victory with a quiet dinner.

With her eyes set on more Grand Slam titles, Montjane is determined to win a singles Grand Slam championship and believes that she is on the verge of achieving this milestone.

Montjane also looks forward to continuing her tennis career for several more years, emphasizing that wheelchair tennis offers a different career span, citing the example of Stephan Houdet, a US Open doubles champion at the age of 52. She eagerly anticipates the upcoming Paralympics in France, where she aims to secure an Olympic medal.

Montjane’s remarkable journey has made her an inspirational figure within the wheelchair community in South Africa. She finds fulfillment in inspiring others through her achievements, independence, and resilience, which motivate her to strive for even greater success.

Reflecting on her journey, Montjane expresses gratitude for the life-changing experience that tennis has brought her, a path she embarked on at the age of 19, never imagining the international success and transformative impact it would have on her life.


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