ITA Accuses Ons Jabeur of 'Supporting Terrorists' – WTA Faces Formal Complaint


ITA Accuses Ons Jabeur of ‘Supporting Terrorists’ – WTA Faces Formal Complaint

In a recent development, Avi Peretz, Chairman of the Israel Tennis Association (ITA), has strongly criticized Ons Jabeur, a three-time Grand Slam finalist from Tunisia, over her message regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict. Peretz accused Jabeur of “supporting a murderous terrorist organization” due to a statement she posted on her Instagram Story, expressing her support for Palestine.

However, it’s important to note that Jabeur also emphasized her stance against violence and her belief that peace cannot be achieved through any form of violence. Responding to Jabeur’s remarks, ITA Chairman Peretz revealed that the association has lodged a formal complaint with the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) through the International Tennis Federation (ITF). The ITA is urging the governing body of tennis to take action against the Tunisian player.

Peretz remarked, “This tennis player incites and supports a murderous terrorist organization. We are relieved that her views are in the minority compared to the rational athletes from around the world. We place our trust in the security and rescue forces (the Israeli army), hoping for their safe return.”

As Jabeur is affiliated with the WTA, the responsibility for addressing this matter falls on the tennis organization. The ITA and the ITF are currently awaiting the WTA’s response and the measures they may take against Jabeur.

Jabeur’s comments on the Israel-Palestine conflict stem from the ongoing and deeply rooted feud between Israel and Palestine. She used her social media platform to share her perspective on the situation, highlighting the suffering that both Palestinians and innocent civilians have endured over the past 75 years. Jabeur firmly stated her stance against violence as a means of achieving peace and her concern for people who have lost their lands.

She wrote, “What Palestinians have been going through during the last 75 years is indescribable. What innocent civilians are going through is indescribable; no matter what their religion is or what their origin is. Violence will never bring peace; I cannot stand with violence but I also cannot stand with people having their lands taken. Understanding the context is important, looking at what’s happening today and deciding to ignore recent history is irresponsible and won’t bring peace. And peace is all we care about. Peace is what everyone needs and deserves. Stop the violence and #FreePalestine.”

Meanwhile, the WTA also addressed the Israel-Palestine conflict in a statement, expressing support for Israeli athletes and mourning the loss of innocent lives in Israel. However, as of now, the WTA has not issued any comments specifically regarding Jabeur’s message. The situation remains a topic of discussion and is being closely monitored by tennis enthusiasts and officials alike.


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