Insightful Alcaraz Opens Up About ATP's Recent Controversy Amidst Stefanos Tsitsipas, Taylor Fritz, and Other Players Expressing Injury Frustrations


Insightful Alcaraz Opens Up About ATP’s Recent Controversy Amidst Stefanos Tsitsipas, Taylor Fritz, and Other Players Expressing Injury Frustrations

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Carlos Alcaraz, currently the ATP World No.2, has been unwavering in his dedication to training and personal growth. In a historic achievement, Alcaraz became the first player to secure 60 tour-level wins in 2023, marking a significant milestone in his career. This milestone came on the heels of his glorious victory against the Italian sensation Lorenzo Musetti.

However, Alcaraz’s recent success on the court isn’t the only topic garnering attention. The player recently shared his insights on the challenges posed by the varying types of tennis balls used at the China Open, shedding light on a controversy that has affected players such as Taylor Fritz and Stefanos Tsitsipas.

Players often strive to become familiar with the characteristics of a specific type of tennis ball to enhance their control and performance. Yet, the China Open in 2023 has proven to be unpredictable from the very start, primarily due to scheduling issues and the frequent changes in the type of tennis balls used.

Carlos Alcaraz, a two-time Grand Slam champion, didn’t hold back when asked about his thoughts on this matter. In his most recent match, he convincingly defeated Lorenzo Musetti with identical 6-2 sets, securing his place in the quarter-finals of the China Open. Despite his stellar performance, Alcaraz expressed his concerns about the situation.

While it’s not unusual for tennis tournaments to employ different types of tennis balls, the frequency of these changes at the China Open has raised eyebrows throughout the tennis world. Alcaraz shared his perspective, saying, “I felt it from the first training session I had here in Beijing. It’s a challenging adjustment, but tennis players have to adapt,” as reported by Puntodebreak.

Although many players have voiced their complaints about the inconsistency in ball sizes, Alcaraz took a different stance. Unlike others, the Wimbledon champion noticed the distinct characteristics of the balls in Beijing right from the outset of his training sessions, highlighting his adaptability and resilience in the face of change.


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