Holger Rune Unveils Insights from Week of Intensive Training with Tennis Icon Boris Becker


Holger Rune Unveils Insights from Week of Intensive Training with Tennis Icon Boris Becker

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Holger Rune, ranked sixth in the world, recently shared his excitement about a week of intensive practice with six-time Grand Slam champion Boris Becker. Rune, just 20 years old, expressed how well Becker understands him, given their longstanding connection.

Rune’s practice sessions with Becker drew significant attention after the duo was spotted on the court last week. Rune spoke highly of the experience, stating, ‘It was a really good week of training. I have known Boris for a long time. He follows tennis closely and has offered valuable advice over the years.’

He continued, ‘He showed his support when I was younger, providing tips and tricks. You can truly feel his understanding and empathy. He has been in similar situations, and that makes a big difference. He not only thinks about what I’m feeling but truly understands it because he’s been there himself. Having someone who has experienced it is invaluable.’

Rune had recently parted ways with his coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, following a challenging period. After Rune’s sixth consecutive defeat at the US Open, he decided to seek guidance from Becker. Although Rune ended his losing streak by defeating Felix Auger-Aliassime in Beijing, he faced further challenges in subsequent matches against Grigor Dimitrov and during the Shanghai Masters. Rune then returned to action at the Stockholm Open as the defending champion but was eliminated in his opener by Miomir Kecmanovic.”

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