Former Slam Champion Praises Coco Gauff's 'Mature Decision' Ahead of US Open Victory


Former Slam Champion Praises Coco Gauff’s ‘Mature Decision’ Ahead of US Open Victory

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Former Grand Slam Doubles Champion Pam Shriver Applauds Coco Gauff’s “Mature Decision” Leading to US Open Victory

Coco Gauff, a rising tennis sensation, garnered praise from former 22-time Grand Slam doubles champion Pam Shriver for her remarkable transformation and strategic choices following her disappointing performance at Wimbledon. After an unexpected first-round exit at Wimbledon, where Gauff faced a defeat against Sofia Kenin, the young tennis star decided to make crucial changes.

Upon returning to the court in Washington, Gauff was spotted training with Brad Gilbert, the former coach of tennis legend Andre Agassi. Gauff had also recently added Pere Riba to her coaching team. The chemistry between Gilbert and Riba quickly blossomed, contributing to her success. Gauff went on to clinch the title in Washington, a significant milestone in her career. Notably, her father, Corey, stepped back from his coaching role after this victory.

Gauff’s triumphant journey didn’t stop there. She went on to secure her first Grand Slam title at the US Open and claimed her maiden WTA 1000 title in Cincinnati.

Pam Shriver, reflecting on Gauff’s journey, remarked, “Well, if you’d asked me that right after Wimbledon, I would have had a totally different answer. The response that Coco and the team has had since Wimbledon by adding, I know Pere Riba was hired a little bit before Brad Gilbert. To be able to merge those voices together and to have the presence of the dad to be able to step back from at least being in the box. I thought it was a very mature decision by Coco and her team to bring who they brought in.”

Shriver also emphasized the evolution of Gauff’s forehand, which had faced significant criticism during the earlier part of the season. Gauff’s forehand was a focal point of concern, especially after her Wimbledon loss to Kenin. However, during the North American hard court swing, Gauff displayed her ability to turn her forehand into a potent weapon.

“There hadn’t been a shot that was as criticized as much as the Coco Gauff’s forehand, all year long through Wimbledon, and then for her to be able to figure out how to, emotionally, put this shot in the right place. The forehand is not a total disaster as long as her footwork is okay and she has the right racket head speed, but she needed to change her mindset. I felt like she got caught up in all the questions about it, instead of worrying about what makes her great on the court, which is her speed, her serve, and her emotional toughness,” Shriver commented.

Coco Gauff’s journey from disappointment to triumph stands as a testament to her resilience and her ability to make strategic decisions that have transformed her game.


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