Former Grand Slam Finalist Reveals Why Novak Djokovic Is the Undisputed 'Master of the Calendar' in Tennis


Former Grand Slam Finalist Reveals Why Novak Djokovic Is the Undisputed ‘Master of the Calendar’ in Tennis

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Two-time French Open finalist, Alex Corretja, Applauds Novak Djokovic as ‘Calendar Master’

Renowned tennis figure, Alex Corretja, recently bestowed a remarkable title upon Novak Djokovic, labeling him the “master of the calendar.” Despite a prolonged absence from the court following his victorious conquest at the US Open, Djokovic’s return to action at the Paris Masters later this month is met with high expectations.

Given the typical challenge that players face when readjusting to the game after a lengthy break, Djokovic stands out as an exception. Corretja’s praise for the Serbian sensation extends to his keen understanding of his body, game, and the precise timing required to achieve peak performance. Corretja acknowledged that Djokovic’s unique ability to navigate the calendar is a testament to his exceptional skills but also acknowledged the immense difficulty in staying away from competition for over a month and a half, only to return to the court.

Corretja’s insights also suggest that Djokovic will likely be the frontrunner for titles in the remaining events of the 2023 season. Djokovic’s packed schedule includes appearances at the ATP Finals in Turin and culminating with the Davis Cup Finals, where he will represent Serbia.

According to Corretja, Djokovic’s dominant form throughout the season has bolstered his confidence to the point where he is virtually unbeatable when at his best. The tennis world eagerly anticipates Djokovic’s return to action, and the consensus is clear: he remains the player to beat in the closing stages of the season.


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