Ex-Grand Slam Semifinalist Reveals Secrets Behind Novak Djokovic’s Ongoing Dominance at 36

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Former World No. 15, Wally Masur, is in awe of Novak Djokovic’s unwavering dominance in tennis even at the age of 36. Djokovic’s meticulous approach and remarkable management of every aspect of his game have left Masur astounded. The Serbian star has continued to shine, reaching the finals of all four Grand Slam tournaments this year, a testament to his extraordinary skills and tenacity.

Djokovic’s achievements are truly exceptional. This year alone, he secured three Grand Slam titles, making him the first male player ever to hold 24 Grand Slams. Despite his age, there are no signs of Djokovic’s reign ending anytime soon. Masur, a former two-time Grand Slam semifinalist himself, is hesitant to make any predictions about Djokovic, as the Serb consistently pushes the boundaries and accomplishes remarkable feats.

Masur was effusive in his praise for Djokovic’s unmatched work ethic: “The guy’s a freak, and we know that Rafa’s a freak, Roger’s a freak, but he’s unbelievable in how meticulous he is. I’m loathed to predict anything against Novak Djokovic because he rocks out. I mean, as you say, he nearly won the calendar slam, a moment away, against Carlos Alcaraz at Wimbledon. He would’ve had a calendar slam. I mean, it’s extraordinary at his age. He seems to absolutely know how to navigate his way through the two weeks to just be absolutely on song when it matters the most in the semis and the finals. You get it throughout the course of the year. He knows how to manage his schedule heading into the Slams, manages his body, his expectations… unbelievable,” Masur said on The AO Show podcast.

Djokovic’s remarkable journey also includes his victorious return to the 2023 US Open after being denied participation in the 2022 edition. In the US Open final, Djokovic displayed an incredible versatility by defeating Daniil Medvedev with a score of 6-3, 7-6 (5), 6-3. Masur was particularly impressed by Djokovic’s net play, stating, “The thing that just blew me away against Medvedev in that final, I think he came to the net 44 times. He served and volleyed about 35 times for about a 90 percent strike rate. He was volleying, picking up shoelace volleys, covering the net like Pat Rafter [and] Stefan Edberg combined,” Masur concluded. Djokovic’s relentless pursuit of greatness continues to captivate the tennis world, leaving everyone in admiration of his unparalleled skills and work ethic.


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