Daria Kasatkina Slams Constant Ball Changes: Protect Your Shoulder and Wrists Now!


Daria Kasatkina Slams Constant Ball Changes: Protect Your Shoulder and Wrists Now!

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Daria Kasatkina Joins the Chorus of Concerns Over Injuries Linked to Constant Ball Changes

The issue of constant ball changes in professional tennis tournaments has been steadily gaining traction, with more players expressing their concerns about its potential impact on player injuries. Daria Kasatkina, the Russian tennis sensation, recently added her voice to this growing chorus during a vlog post on her ‘Zabiiako & Kasatkina’ YouTube channel. Kasatkina’s remarks came in the wake of her quarterfinal exit in Tokyo and ahead of her campaign at the China Open, where she was curious about the type of balls that would be in play.

In the vlog, Kasatkina shed light on the variation in court surfaces, emphasizing that even if they’re labeled as “hard,” they can differ in speed and characteristics based on their source. This variability extends to the choice of tennis balls, leading Kasatkina to make a striking observation. Over the course of four consecutive tournaments she was slated to participate in, she would encounter four distinct types of balls. She voiced her concern, not only about the potential physical toll on players’ shoulders, wrists, and elbows but also the mental strain that constant adjustments can bring.

Kasatkina’s performance in Beijing didn’t quite align with her expectations. She began her campaign with a hard-fought 1-6, 6-4, 7-6 (8) victory over Mayar Sherif, narrowly escaping defeat. However, she encountered a surprising setback when Wang Xinyu defeated her in straight sets, with a final score of 6-4, 6-2. Kasatkina’s journey during the Asian swing had been mixed, including a quarterfinal appearance in Tokyo and a semifinal run in Zhengzhou the previous week. After three consecutive weeks of competition, she decided to take a well-deserved break, opting not to participate in any tournaments this week.



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