Creating the Ultimate Tennis Player: Coric Combines Djokovic and Nadal's Skills, Excluding Federer


Creating the Ultimate Tennis Player: Coric Combines Djokovic and Nadal’s Skills, Excluding Federer

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In an exclusive interview with, Croatian tennis star Borna Coric undertook the fascinating task of designing the ultimate tennis player. Drawing from his own experiences and insights, Coric made some intriguing selections, though one omission stirred passionate reactions from fans – the exclusion of the legendary Roger Federer.

When it came to the forehand, Coric’s choice was the Argentine powerhouse, Juan Martin del Potro. He lauded del Potro for making the forehand a formidable weapon, describing the pressure it exudes when on the opposite side of the court: “The times I played against him, I felt a lot of pressure. I felt he couldn’t err.”

For the backhand, Coric singled out Novak Djokovic, highlighting the Serbian’s consistent and unwavering shot. He added, “He’s not very fast, but I feel he’s confident. Probably the last time he missed a backhand was 10 years ago. He can play at any angle and on any surface.”

In the realm of the one-handed backhand, Coric’s pick was Stanislas Wawrinka. He marveled at Wawrinka’s remarkable power and control, describing it as “absolutely incredible.”

Turning to the serve, Coric opted for the Croatian legend Goran Ivanisevic, despite never facing him in an official match. He praised Ivanisevic’s remarkable serving technique and the unique advantage of being left-handed.

When it came to the return game, Coric turned to the three-time Grand Slam champion Andy Murray. He recounted the difficulty of serving against Murray, noting the immense pressure he puts on opponents with his returns.

In the domain of net play, Coric’s choice was clear and unwavering – Pete Sampras. Although he had never played against Sampras, Coric regarded him as one of his idols and an embodiment of excellence in volleying.

Grigor Dimitrov received the nod for his exceptional slice shot. Coric admired Dimitrov’s precision and consistency, highlighting his ability to respond effectively from any position on the court.

For speed and agility, Coric picked the rising Spanish star Carlos Alcaraz, with whom he had shared the court a few times. He regarded Alcaraz as one of the fastest players currently gracing the tour.

When discussing mental fortitude and fighting spirit, Coric’s choice was the indomitable Rafael Nadal. He emphasized Nadal’s legendary mental strength and never-say-die attitude, making it clear that Nadal’s ability to rebound from any situation is widely acknowledged in the tennis world.

In this insightful interview, Borna Coric provided a unique glimpse into the qualities he values in a tennis player, while showcasing the immense talent and diversity within the sport.


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