Prevent Sports Eye Injuries Useful Tips!

Eye injuries, a leading cause of childhood blindness in the United States, frequently occur during sports activities. Wearing appropriate protective eyewear can prevent up to 90% of severe eye injuries for both kids and adults. It’s essential to consult eye care experts like The Eye Institute (TEI) to select the right eye protection tailored to your sport and lifestyle.

Dr. Siva Meiyeppen, a pediatric optometrist, emphasizes that regular eyeglasses aren’t sufficient for sports; certified protective eyewear meeting ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards is crucial.

High-risk sports for eye injuries include baseball, softball, basketball (due to hard projectiles), fencing, hockey, mountain biking, paintball, air rifle, BB gun, lacrosse, racquetball, and squash (especially for those aged 25-64).

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Moderate-risk sports include badminton, golf, soccer, tackle football, and tennis. Sports with a low risk of eye injury encompass diving, gymnastics, road biking, skiing, swimming, and track and field.

Sports like boxing and martial arts involve intentional injuries and require special attention.

In case of injury, immediate medical assistance is necessary, preferably from a hospital with on-call optometrists or ophthalmologists. TEI provides emergency eye care services alongside its regular and specialized practices.

For after-hours emergency care, TEI patients examined within the past three years should call 215.276.3035. Non-TEI patients should seek care at a local hospital.

For treatment after a sports-related eye injury or protective eyewear, contact TEI today.”


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