Parents can identify health concerns with sports physicals.

“Many youth require sports physicals for school athletics and activities. As summer camps and school seasons approach, scheduling physicals is wise. Nurse practitioner Autumn Nelson from Sanford Health in Fargo, ND, offers helpful advice.

When and Why Sports Physicals are Necessary Requirements for sports physicals vary by state. It’s advisable to complete these checkups six weeks before the school or activity season. This window allows time for additional assessments, including injury therapy, if needed, reducing the risk of reinjury.

Components of a Sports & Activities Physical Nurses or providers evaluate various aspects of a child’s health for safe physical activity. Past medical history, injuries, and surgeries are examined. Basic measurements like height, weight, and arm circumference are assessed. Cardiovascular and lung health are crucial, as are identifying potential issues like shortness of breath.

Age-Dependent Differences As children grow, physicals delve into social history, addressing topics like drug use. Preventative steps for healthy lifestyles, such as nutrition and activity, are emphasized.

Takeaways for Parents Primary care providers can offer guidance on muscle stretches and at-home routines. They assess the completeness of past injuries and refer for further rehabilitation if necessary. Young athletes are encouraged to report head injuries promptly for concussion evaluation. Providers can also recommend safe sports gear and suggest using on-site trainers. Parents and children are encouraged to ask questions, even unrelated to sports or activities.”


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