Can you envision backing a peak-performing elite athlete

Do you have a deep passion for sports and envision yourself supporting elite athletes in their pursuit of greatness? Perhaps you aspire to coach teams towards becoming world-class contenders. These aspirations align perfectly with the career paths chosen by many of our Sports Science and Health graduates. Beyond shaping elite athletes, our graduates also make a substantial impact in their communities, fostering the love of sports and exercise among individuals of all ages.

Throughout this comprehensive program, you’ll acquire the knowledge and skills to enhance both health and human performance. You will be empowered to advocate for and champion a society that is not only healthy and active but also well-informed. The curriculum encompasses various teaching methods, including hands-on practical sessions, fostering critical and creative thinking skills applicable to a wide array of professions.

Uncover Your Potential

In this course, you’ll delve into a diverse range of subjects such as anatomy, behavior modification, coaching, nutrition, physiology, psychology, and sociology. These topics will be explored in the context of individuals spanning all age groups, from promoting general well-being to elevating elite sports performance. For practical experience, you’ll undertake a six-month INTRA program work placement during your third year.

Upon graduating with a degree in Sport Science and Health, your career options are vast. You can pursue roles as a performance analyst, performance coach, laboratory technician, or health promotion officer. Alternatively, you may choose to further your education by pursuing a master’s or a professional doctorate in elite sports, health promotion, strength and conditioning, nutrition, psychology, physiology, physiotherapy, or advanced entry medicine. The possibilities are as diverse as the field itself.


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