Regulations and Guidelines Governing the Game of Football


Regulations and Guidelines Governing the Game of Football

Football Guidelines and Regulations at NAIS Pudong

Football holds a prominent position among the core sports activities offered at NAIS Pudong. Engaging in football not only contributes to students’ physical well-being and health but also fosters the development of technical ball skills and strengthens bonds with their teammates.

For more information about the variety of sports and associations available at NAIS Pudong, please visit our Sports Activities page. If you have specific inquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of our Admissions team. Below, you’ll find an outline of the rules and regulations governing football games at NAIS Pudong:

Field Dimensions:

  • The football pitches will adhere to the following dimensions: 30 meters in width and 50 meters in length.
  • The size of the penalty box will be determined in proportion to the pitch but typically measures 2.5 times the width of the goals, with dimensions of 3.6 meters in width and 1.8 meters in height.

Game Rules:

  • All matches will be conducted according to the Laws of the Game, with the following exceptions:
    • Teams will be informed of their kicking direction at the start of the game.
    • Direct scoring from a kick-off is not permitted.
    • Offside rules will not apply.
    • All free kicks and corners will be direct, and the opposition must maintain a distance of 3 meters.
    • Goal kicks can be taken from anywhere within the penalty area, with the opposition required to maintain a 3-meter distance, and the ball must exit the penalty area for play to resume.
    • Substitutions are allowed at any time from the halfway line, and the substituted player must exit the field before the replacement enters.
    • A compulsory lineup and handshake at the end of the game will be observed.
    • Games will consist of two halves, each lasting 10 minutes, with a 2-minute halftime break.
    • There will be a 6-minute gap between each game, and teams must be prepared to take the field immediately after the preceding match concludes.
    • A size 4 football will be used.
    • Teams must wear matching kits in school colors, with the goalkeeper wearing a distinctly different-colored shirt. A bib may be used to facilitate differentiation.
    • Proper equipment, including long socks, shin pads, and a football, is mandatory.


  • To determine the final standings in tournaments, points will be awarded as follows:
    • Win: 4 points
    • Draw: 2 points
    • Defeat: 1 point

Tie-Breaking Criteria:

  • In the event of a tie in points, the following criteria will be applied to determine the ranking:
    1. Head-to-head result
    2. Points difference (goal difference) among tied teams
    3. Points scored among tied teams
    4. Points against among tied teams
  • If a tie still exists: 5. Points difference (goal difference) among all teams
    1. Points scored among all teams
    2. Points against among all teams
  • The same tie-breaking procedures apply in the case of a three-way tie.
  • Once a tie has been resolved, any additional ties will be addressed in the same manner, starting with the head-to-head result (point 1).

No Extra Time for Round Robin Games:

  • There will be no additional time scheduled for round-robin games in football.

At NAIS Pudong, we are committed to providing an enjoyable and fair football experience for all participants, fostering teamwork and skill development.


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