Premier League Pursues Largest-Ever TV Rights Deal by Offering 70 Additional Matches


Premier League Pursues Largest-Ever TV Rights Deal by Offering 70 Additional Matches

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The Premier League is poised to break its own record for domestic television rights as it plans to offer an additional 70 matches for broadcast starting in 2025.

At present, the UK broadcasters purchase 200 matches per season under the current three-year deal that extends until the 2024/25 season, with a reported value of £4.8 billion.

While a Saturday afternoon blackout, designed to preserve lower league attendance, will remain in effect, matches rescheduled for Sundays due to club involvement in European competitions will be broadcast live for the first time.

These extra games will encompass all matches from five midweek rounds each season and the final round of the season, all of which will be televised.

In contrast to the usual three-year cycle, the Premier League has opened bids for a four-year deal running until the 2028/29 season.

This marks the first Premier League tender process since 2016 because the previous deal was extended in 2021 for an additional three years due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Five packages containing between 42 and 65 live matches will be up for grabs by broadcasters. The existing agreement is divided into 128 matches for ‘Sky Sports,’ 52 for ‘TNT Sports,’ and 20 for ‘Amazon.

Competition is expected to be intense, with reports indicating that streaming platform DAZN is interested in acquiring rights for the first time.

Premier League clubs already enjoy a substantial financial advantage over their European counterparts, thanks to more lucrative domestic and international TV rights deals.


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