Rugby World Cup Final: All Blacks Ready to Deliver a Dominating Performance Against the Springboks


Rugby World Cup Final: All Blacks Ready to Deliver a Dominating Performance Against the Springboks

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In a thrilling Rugby World Cup final, the All Blacks will face off against the Springboks at the iconic Stade de France in Paris. The highly anticipated match is scheduled for Sunday at 8 am (NZT), and you can catch the action live on Stuff (with a te reo commentary option), Sky Open, and Sky Sport 1, starting at 6.30 am.

The Springboks have earned the nickname “Bomb Squad” for their group of impact players known for their explosive, match-winning finishes. But the All Blacks are not to be outdone, as they unveil their own formidable bench strength, led by the indomitable loose forward, Dalton Papalii, who took inspiration from an unexpected source for their moniker.

Papalii, alongside the usually reserved Shannon Frizell, shared a glimpse into the inner workings of the All Blacks during a media session at their Paris Country Club base. As the team stands on the brink of capturing the ultimate prize in rugby, Papalii’s anecdotes provided insights into their camaraderie.

The highlight came when Papalii was asked about the Springboks’ ‘Bomb Squad’ and whether the All Blacks had named their bench group, featuring players like Dane Coles, Tamaiti Williams, Fletcher Newell, Anton Lienert Brown, and Damian McKenzie.

“I’ll tell you a quick story,” Papalii began with a mischievous grin. “I’ve got a little group happening in the team room at our hotel, and we’re watching ‘Band of Brothers,’ the TV series about the 101st Airborne and their Easy Company. So, I made a little joke saying, ‘you know they’ve got the Bomb Squad, so we could have the Easy Company. We want to go and finish the job and be in the trenches.’

Papalii didn’t quote Shakespeare, but he might as well have, channeling the spirit of Henry V:

“We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; For he today that sheds his blood with me Shall be my brother…”

Papalii’s eloquent words encapsulated the significance of the upcoming game as the All Blacks aim for a record fourth World Cup title, their second on foreign soil, and a memorable send-off to the Ian Foster era and retiring team legends.

Papalii also revealed the team’s acknowledgment of the weight of the moment: “There were some saying this is probably one of the most important games in All Blacks history… We went through a hard path to get here – media, friends, family even criticising us, and we stuck together. We weren’t even said to be in the final, and now look at us.


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