MacLaney secures the first-ever victory for Men's Rugby against Life


MacLaney secures the first-ever victory for Men’s Rugby against Life

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In Marietta, Georgia, the Navy men’s rugby team (6-0, 3-0) secured a historic victory, defeating Life (1-1, 1-1) with a final score of 20-14 at Lupo Family Field. This marked the first-ever win for the Mids against the Running Eagles, and it was also the first encounter between the two teams as conference rivals.

Director of rugby Gavin Hickie expressed his satisfaction with the road win, praising the team’s outstanding performance. He highlighted the Mids’ resilience and refusal to give up as they faced a formidable opponent away from home. Hickie emphasized the excitement of the team’s growth and development.

The match began with an early penalty on Navy, providing Life with a free kick from midfield. However, Life’s mishandling of the lineout throw resulted in a knock-on penalty, thwarting their early scoring opportunity.

Navy’s fortunes changed in the 14th minute when Jack Aleman scored a try after a maul, extending their lead to 7-0 after Roanin Krieger successfully converted the kick.

Both teams struggled to gain an advantage until late in the first half when a penalty against Navy granted a free kick to Life. Life’s kicker launched the ball out of bounds near the five-meter line. Although the Running Eagles encountered difficulties with the lineout, they managed to advance to the five-meter line with a strong attack. However, a costly knock-on penalty denied them a potential score, allowing the Mids to maintain their seven-point lead into halftime.

The second half saw a penalty awarded to Navy during their attack, leading to a free kick. Krieger successfully converted the kick to increase Navy’s lead to 10-0.

Life responded with a try in the 54th minute, closing the gap to 10-7. Krieger added another penalty kick in the 60th minute to extend Navy’s lead to 13-7.

In a pivotal moment, Life managed to score a try in the 67th minute, taking the lead at 14-13 for the first time in the game.

Navy didn’t back down, and in the 70th minute, Sean MacLaney scored the go-ahead try, securing a 20-14 lead after Krieger made the conversion kick.

Despite a late push from Life, Navy’s solid defense and tactical play allowed them to hold on for a thrilling 20-14 victory.

Krieger played a crucial role in Navy’s success, contributing significantly in the kicking game and accounting for half of Navy’s points with his penalty kicks and conversion kicks.

Jack Aleman scored his first try since Navy became a varsity program, while Sean MacLaney continued his impressive scoring streak with his third try of the season.

Next Saturday, Navy returns home to face St. Bonaventure in a match with significant implications for the Rugby East North Division title. The game is scheduled to kick off at noon at the Prusmack Rugby Center in Annapolis, Maryland.

Game Summary First Half

  • 14:04 – Try by Navy – Jack Aleman (Score: 5-0)
  • Conversion Kick by Roanin Krieger (Score: 7-0)

Second Half

  • 49:01 – Penalty Kick by Navy – Roanin Krieger (Score: 10-0)
  • 54:40 – Try by Life (Score: 10-5)
  • Conversion Kick by Life (Score: 10-7)
  • 60:10 – Penalty Kick by Navy – Roanin Krieger (Score: 13-7)
  • 66:54 – Try by Life (Score: 13-12)
  • Conversion Kick by Life (Score: 13-14)
  • 70:30 – Try by Navy – Sean MacLaney (Score: 18-14)
  • Conversion Kick by Roanin Krieger (Score: 20-14)

Print Friendly Version Highlighted Players

  • Jack Aleman (Center, 5′ 10″, Senior)
  • JD Bengston (Wing, 6′ 2″, Junior)
  • Roanin Krieger (Fullback, 5′ 11″, Sophomore)
  • Sean MacLaney (Scrum Half, 5′ 7″, Senior)
  • Landon Opp (Fly Half / Fullback, 5′ 10″, Senior)
  • Avion Ganse (Fly Half, 5′ 9″, Freshman)


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