Alleged Burglar Who Targeted Rugby Legend Fumbles His Cover - Caught in the Act


Alleged Burglar Who Targeted Rugby Legend Fumbles His Cover – Caught in the Act

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In a daring escapade gone awry, a 47-year-old man allegedly swiped $50,000 worth of equipment from a man known for his fearless antics on the footy field – David Latta. But, as fate would have it, this ill-fated thief’s second blunder was driving right past an off-duty police officer.

Looming over him now is the impending court date, with David Latta’s wrath hanging heavily if the accused is found guilty of purloining a Red Toyota Hiace van and precious tools from the former Otago hooker’s construction business. Latta humorously quipped, “He’s hopefully heading to the Milton Hilton,” alluding to the Otago Corrections Facility, located a mere 20 minutes north of Balclutha, where the rugby legend resides.

Despite the alleged thief’s appearance in the Dunedin district court, Latta remains a long way from being reunited with his pilfered possessions.

The theft took place on a fateful Tuesday night, following Latta’s day at the construction business. Under the cover of darkness, the alleged thief entered the scene, breaking into a shed and helping himself to the spoils. Forty-five minutes later, a neighbor, assuming Latta’s red van belonged to one of his builders, greeted it with a friendly wave, only to realize it was the thief behind the wheel.

The van was later spotted on camera as it passed through Clinton. Thanks to diligent police work, the authorities soon had a lead on the perpetrator.

However, it was an off-duty police officer’s sharp observation that ultimately led to the apprehension of the suspect. The officer spotted the suspect driving through Dunedin and promptly alerted his colleagues, who swiftly captured the man.

The charges brought against him included burglary, unlawful interference with a motor vehicle, and auto theft.

David Latta estimates the value of stolen gear at around $50,000, but what truly irks him is the theft of tools belonging to one of his employees. “We work hard to acquire all our gear,” the robust builder lamented. While insurance should cover the financial loss, Latta remains inconvenienced until the tools are replaced. Furthermore, there’s the sentimental value attached to his trusty old red van.

With a remarkable history of 161 games for the blue and golds, Latta is not one to take such a loss lightly. He has a stern message for the alleged thief: “I’ll be waiting. Make sure you keep your eyes open because you never know what’s around the corner.” Given his rugby legacy, that encounter could be quite a formidable one.


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