Son Accused of Wellington Woman's Murder: Investigation Underwa


Son Accused of Wellington Woman’s Murder: Investigation Underwa

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In a heartbreaking turn of events, Irene Katsougiannis, a beloved piano tutor and netball coach at Queen Margaret College, was found lifeless in her Miramar residence earlier this week. Authorities have identified her son, Soterios Katsougiannis, as the prime suspect in this grim case. Tragically, Soterios passed away overseas in Hong Kong, as per information obtained by RNZ.

A homicide inquiry has been initiated to uncover the circumstances surrounding the 62-year-old’s demise. Law enforcement has disclosed that the individual responsible was known to Irene and departed New Zealand on Sunday, subsequently meeting his own demise in Hong Kong. Local authorities in Hong Kong are currently conducting their own investigation.

Queen Margaret College Principal, Jayne-Ann Young, expressed the school’s profound sorrow upon learning of their “very dear colleague and friend’s” passing. She emphasized their unwavering commitment to supporting the well-being of staff, students, and families during this trying period.

Sue Geale, Community Director of Netball Wellington, recalled Irene Katsougiannis’s significant contributions to the center from 2014 to 2021, including the establishment of the Olympic Netball Club. In light of her passing, Geale extended an invitation to current and former Olympic players to gather and honor the memory of this remarkable woman. The news of Irene’s passing sent shockwaves through the netball community in the capital.

A close family friend, Katy, also shared her grief, reminiscing about Irene’s role as her netball coach. She described Irene as not only a stellar coach and cherished member of the netball family but also a valued friend and integral figure in the Greek community. Her absence will be deeply felt by all who knew and loved her.

The Odysseus Brotherhood, a Greek community group, paid their respects to Irene on social media, expressing their sadness at the tragic news of her passing. Their post extended thoughts and prayers to Irene’s family, wishing for her soul to find peace.

The ongoing scene examination is anticipated to conclude by the weekend, with law enforcement providing their findings to the Coroner in due course. The community continues to grapple with the loss of a remarkable woman who touched the lives of many.


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