NFL Plans to 'Promote' Flag Football Participation in the 2028 Summer Olympics.


NFL Plans to ‘Promote’ Flag Football Participation in the 2028 Summer Olympics.

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In a thrilling development for football enthusiasts, the International Olympic Committee’s decision to include flag football as an official sport in the 2028 Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles was met with resounding approval. The NFL wasted no time in expressing their intent to support and encourage their top-tier players to participate in this historic event.

During the fall league meetings in New York, NFL executive vice president Peter O’Reilly affirmed that the league would collaborate closely with vital stakeholders, including the NFL Players Association and the national governing body, USA Football, to establish a clear pathway for players to compete in the Games.

O’Reilly remarked, “We recognize the eagerness. We see it as a tremendous opportunity, given the genuine and tangible interest from players. We are committed to working through the intricacies with these stakeholders to realize this goal by July 2028.”

O’Reilly’s sentiments echoed those expressed by present stars like Tyreek Hill of the Miami Dolphins, and former luminaries including Rob Gronkowski and Dez Bryant, all of whom have openly voiced their aspiration to participate in the Olympics.

He added, “Leading up to the announcement and even now, there has been tremendous excitement, as one would expect, from exceptional NFL athletes and legends who relish the idea of representing their nation on an Olympic platform.”

Such a move would align the NFL more closely with leagues like the NBA and NHL, which have long featured their top athletes in the Olympics. With baseball’s return to the 2028 Olympics, discussions have arisen about potential MLB player involvement.

While it may seem like a foregone conclusion that Team USA, with its best NFL players, would dominate, the process of selecting the country one represents is more intricate. For example, during the Rio Olympics, American gymnast Kylie Dickson competed for Belarus after being granted citizenship by the government. Despite having no discernible ties to Belarus, her status as a citizen made intervention by the IOC difficult.

While the situation is nuanced, it’s anticipated that numerous NFL players will compete for countries other than the USA. Undoubtedly, the USA will be the preferred choice for most athletes and the likely frontrunners. However, the tournament promises to be a captivating spectacle regardless.

If not, no harm done. After all, who wouldn’t relish the opportunity to witness Tyreek Hill matched up against a Slovenian accountant on the field?


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