Mother Mariana Avitia Sets Her Sights on an Olympic Comeback


Mother Mariana Avitia Sets Her Sights on an Olympic Comeback

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At the age of 18, Mariana Avitia made history by becoming Mexico’s first-ever Olympic archery medalist at the London 2012 Games. Now, after taking a break from the sport to welcome her son, Mateo, in September 2020, the 30-year-old is setting her sights on competing at the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Avitia’s remarkable journey began in 2008 when she first took up archery, and she became the youngest member of Mexico’s Olympic squad at the age of 14 during the Beijing Olympics. Her bronze medal victory in London was a historic achievement, and she is eager to add to her collection and compete on the grandest stage once again.

“I see it as a challenge, a dream, and a goal that I want to achieve,” Avitia said. “The Olympics is the most significant competition, and it has always held great significance for me.

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Back in those days, many of Mariana Avitia’s friends were unfamiliar with the sport of archery, but since then, Mexico has emerged as a dominant force in the discipline.

“At the time, when I talked about archery, nobody knew what it was,” she recalled. “But after our performances in 2012, there was an incredible surge in interest. Everyone wanted to try archery, and over the years, it attracted a lot of enthusiasts.”

Mexico’s archery success began with Avitia’s historic bronze medal in London, and on the same day, Aida Roman won silver in the final. These achievements catapulted archery into the spotlight in Mexico, and the country continued to excel, with Luis Alvarez and Alejandra Valencia winning mixed team bronze at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Today, archery is widely recognized in Mexico, and the nation has made significant progress at all levels. Avitia noted, “We have grown as both a team and as individuals, and our ascent was rapid. Mexico was suddenly competing in finals, and we have become a powerhouse in archery at all major events, including the Olympic Games, World Championships, World Cups, Pan American Games, and Central American Games.

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Now 29 years old, Mariana Avitia reflects with deep appreciation on the moment that transformed her life and the world of archery in Mexico.

“Knowing that we made history, that I made history, is a really special feeling,” she remarked. “The fact that many people now recognize me and are inspired to take up this sport simply because they’ve seen me compete at the Olympic Games is incredible.”

While she has missed several Olympic opportunities as an athlete, Avitia still carries a persistent desire to achieve more, to win more. As a young mother, she has already earned an Olympic medal, but her hunger for success remains undiminished. She longs to continue competing and hopes to realize her dream.

“Representing your country, even if it’s just for a few minutes, is an incredible experience,” she expressed. “So the fact that I’m talking about Paris 2024 and the possibility of fulfilling my dream of becoming an Olympic athlete once again and giving my all to win another Olympic medal is truly exciting.

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When the Olympic qualification process commenced in August during the world championships in Berlin, Mexican women secured a full complement of three quota places. This achievement was thanks to Aida Roman, Alejandra Valencia, and the promising 17-year-old Angela Ruiz.

While Mariana Avitia has been participating in all World Cup stages alongside her teammates in 2023, she has clearly held the fourth position in the squad recently. The competition for spots on the Olympic team at next year’s Games will be intense, precisely when Avitia aspires to become a three-time Olympian.

“As an athlete, you set goals for yourself, and you aspire to surpass what you haven’t yet achieved,” Avitia concluded with determination.


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