Ariarne Titmus Prepares to Defend Olympic Golds in Paris.


Ariarne Titmus Prepares to Defend Olympic Golds in Paris.

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Despite not participating in the World Aquatics Swimming World Cup, Australian World Record holder Ariarne Titmus remains far from idle on the sidelines. In an interview with The Australian Olympic Committee (AOC), the 23-year-old shared insights into her mindset and training regimen as she gears up for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

Titmus expressed, My focus is on pushing my personal boundaries, not only in the pool but also in setting an example for aspiring swimmers and young girls across Australia.” Her exceptional performance at this year’s World Championships, where she shattered the women’s 400m freestyle World Record with a time of 3:55.38, stands as a testament to her determination. This feat reclaimed the record from Canadian standout Summer McIntosh, who had set a new mark of 3:56.08 just months prior.

Reflecting on her performance, Titmus shared with The AOC, In the 400m at the World Championships, I believe I surpassed my own expectations. I hadn’t realized the pent-up nervous energy I had for that race, and I used it to my advantage, racing with a fearless spirit. I knew the only way to win was to leave nothing in the tank, to go full throttle from the start. It brought out the best in me that day.

Since then, Titmus faced a health scare, undergoing surgery to remove benign tumors from her ovaries after they were discovered during scans for a hip injury. She candidly shared her experience on social media.

Addressing the responsibility that comes with being in the spotlight, both in and out of the pool, Titmus emphasized, I feel a duty to be a role model, not just as an athlete but as a person. It’s crucial to me that the public sees me beyond the athlete… that’s my primary focus now, rather than placing all importance on Olympic gold. For Tokyo, swimming was everything.

Looking ahead to Paris, Titmus remarked, “The Olympics is the next major competition on the horizon; that’s where our focus lies now. Before that, we have Olympic trials and a few more domestic competitions, but it’s crunch time… putting in the work and refining key areas. There’s much to be done. Especially in the 400m, I head into the Olympics with a strong sense of confidence. Defending both my titles will be a formidable challenge, but it’s undoubtedly my top priority.

Addressing the prospect of competing against American swimmer Katie Ledecky, whom Titmus defeated in the 400m in 2019, catapulting her to stardom, Titmus explained, “I’ve been racing Katie [Ledecky] since I was 16. We have a great personal rapport, and there’s no rivalry beyond the race. That camaraderie is important to me.

“However, once we’re in the pool, it’s game on. As for Summer [McIntosh], I haven’t competed against her much, and she’s still relatively new to the international scene. Her style is a bit different from Katie’s.


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