After a hiatus of 128 years, Cricket is set to make its Olympic debut!


After a hiatus of 128 years, Cricket is set to make its Olympic debut!

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Table of Contents

  • Historical Milestone
  • Final Hurdle
  • Los Angeles Olympic Committee’s Proposal
  • IOC President’s Personal Interest

Historical Milestone:

After a hiatus of 128 years, cricket enthusiasts worldwide are celebrating as the sport stands on the cusp of a historic return to the Olympics. The last time cricket featured in the Olympic arena was in 1900. Now, the anticipation for its resurgence in the global sporting spectacle is reaching its peak.

While the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 continues to enthrall the cricketing community, another exhilarating development has taken center stage, capturing the attention of fans and athletes alike. The announcement of cricket’s inclusion in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics has sent waves of excitement through the sports world.

Final Hurdle:

Cricket’s previous stint at the Olympics was a singular event during the 1900 Paris Olympics. Since then, cricket’s journey to reclaim its position in the Olympics has been an enduring and challenging one. The International Cricket Council (ICC) has worked tirelessly to reintegrate cricket into the Olympics. After years of dedication, it seems that the dream is on the verge of realization.

Los Angeles Olympic Committee’s Proposal:

A significant step towards cricket’s Olympic return has been taken by the Los Angeles organizing committee, which has recommended the inclusion of cricket in the T20 format for the 2028 Games. Alongside cricket, the committee has also proposed the addition of four other sports: squash, lacrosse, flag football, and baseball/softball. This announcement has been met with great enthusiasm, particularly within the cricketing community.

The International Cricket Council expressed its elation and confirmed the recommendation made by the Los Angeles organizing committee. ICC Chairman Greg Barclay stated, “We are delighted that LA28 has recommended cricket for inclusion in the Olympics. While this is not the final decision, it is a very significant milestone towards seeing cricket at the Olympics for the first time in over a century.”

IOC President’s Personal Interest:

In an interesting turn of events, the President of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, recently displayed a personal interest in cricket during his visit to Mumbai. Bach engaged with young cricket enthusiasts during an event in Navi Mumbai, thoroughly enjoying the sport.

The road to cricket’s inclusion in the Olympics has been lengthy and challenging, but the possibility of witnessing the world’s top cricketers compete on the grandest stage is tantalizing. As the IOC session in Mumbai approaches, cricket fans can only hope that the final approval will be granted, making the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics an unforgettable event for cricket lovers worldwide.


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