2023 Autoweek Vanguard Award Goes to Alejandro Agag, Founder and Chairman of Formula.


2023 Autoweek Vanguard Award Goes to Alejandro Agag, Founder and Chairman of Formula.

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Formula E Founder and Chairman, Alejandro Agag, has been honored with the prestigious 2023 Autoweek Vanguard Award for his visionary leadership in championing sustainable electric motorsport and propelling EV technology into the future.

Autoweek’s Vanguard Awards are designed to recognize individuals and organizations that are not only preparing for the next five or ten years, but are actively shaping it through bold risk-taking. These awards are bestowed upon trailblazers who embody a forward-thinking ethos and have made significant strides in propelling the industry towards its impending future. In 2023, Agag rightfully earned the title in the Person category.

In a feature about Formula E’s founder in Autoweek, current Formula E CEO Jeff Dodds praised Agag’s forward-thinking and described him as a “bold” visionary, drawing parallels to another iconic entrepreneur he had the privilege of working with in the past.

“I had the great fortune of working at Virgin and spending a considerable amount of time with Richard Branson,” Dodds shared with Autoweek. “Entrepreneurs possess a distinctive style characterized by restlessness, customer-centricity, a drive for innovation, a desire to revolutionize, and a penchant for breaking new ground.

“And Alejandro undoubtedly fits squarely into that category. Frankly, I would say he’s not the sort of individual you place in an organization that’s in the mature phase of its lifecycle, where you’re focused on squeezing out incremental growth over 20 years. He envisions grand, daring, exhilarating, and exponential experiments, pushing for new innovations. He exudes charisma, places great emphasis on partnerships, adores his teams, is passionate about the product, and revels in entertainment.”

“There were many who doubted our success, but some joined in to give it a shot,” Agag reflected on the decade-long journey of Formula E. “And fortunately, we triumphed.”

From a mere napkin sketch shared between Formula E Founder Alejandro Agag and former FIA President Jean Todt in 2011, what emerged is now the fastest-growing motorsport series on the globe.

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The concept of an all-electric street racing series was born from a humble collection of notes on a napkin.

On the evening of March 3, 2011, FIA President Jean Todt and Spanish entrepreneur Alejandro Agag, who serves as the Chairman of Formula E, convened in a Parisian restaurant and distilled their vision into a few succinct words. This vision would ultimately give rise to the world’s inaugural all-electric international single-seater championship.

Formula E’s foundational objective was to demonstrate the potential of sustainable mobility by hosting races on the streets of the world’s most iconic cities. With a grid comprising the finest racing drivers and teams, the aim was to thrust electric vehicles into the forefront of the pursuit for a cleaner, better future.

Since its inaugural event within the confines of Beijing’s Olympic Park in 2014, Formula E has evolved into a global entertainment phenomenon with motorsport at its core. Today, boasting 11 world-class teams and 22 drivers on the grid, the championship stands as a magnet for the finest motorsport teams and racing talent worldwide, solidifying its status as the premier electric race series on the planet.

Record-breaking Fanbase Just recently, Formula E unveiled its latest statistics regarding fan engagement and viewership. The ABB FIA Formula E World Championship saw its fanbase surge to unprecedented heights in the 2022/23 season, experiencing a 17% year-on-year increase to reach 344 million. Over Season 9, a staggering 225 million viewers tuned in to watch live broadcasts.

Formula E’s global fanbase expanded by an impressive 17% year on year, surging to 344 million*, surpassing NASCAR to claim the title of the fourth-largest motorsport in terms of fan following. Germany and the USA emerged as the fastest-growing markets, experiencing increases of 45% and 30% respectively.

During Season 9, more than 225 million viewers caught Formula E races live, marking a 4% upswing from the preceding season. Notably, China and the USA, along with newly introduced race markets in Brazil, India, and South Africa, all witnessed substantial spikes in live race viewership.



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