NASCAR Playoff Weekend Draws Thousands to the Metroplex


NASCAR Playoff Weekend Draws Thousands to the Metroplex

Thousands of people are in the Metroplex this weekend for the Autotrader EchoPark Automotive 400 NASCAR Playoffs doubleheader at Texas Motor Speedway.

“ moment is my first time. So happy. So happy to be then,” said Martin Martinez, who lives in Irving.

Others come from a little further down, bringing with them a boost to the original frugality.

“ We surely want to explore, you know, Dallas, see what it has to offer. We ’re from down south and it was a seven- hour drive, so we really want to see what there is,” said Steven Rose, who came with a group of musketeers from Corpus Christi.
Others, like Connor Hopkins, came from indeed further– seeing a business occasion for themselves.

“ First- ever NASCAR event and it’s been worth every penny to get down then,” said Hopkins, who came from Ohio to represent his business, Crocodile Cloth.

But for Texas Motor Speedway’s biggest event of the time, prophet David Hart said the figures are not what they used to be.

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David Hart, with Texas Motor Speedway.

“ I suppose a lot of it is, we went through COVID and people got used to being at home,” Hart said.

Hart said they have been trying different marketing strategies and meeting with original officers, businesses, and other groups.

“ We ’re a big boat and we do n’t turn veritably presto but we ’re making some great raids, working with the folks in Fort Worth, working with the folks in Dallas, and trying to make back what we had in the history,” Hart said.

They have also been mixing up entertainment options outside of the racetrack, with effects like regale contests, armadillo races, and races on their dirt track located on the property.

The moves feel to be working and the figures are turning a corner.

“ We ’re veritably happy. Thousands more bought tickets this time than last,” Hart said.

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Fans at Texas Motor Speedway, Saturday, Sept. 23, 2023.

They hope further people continue coming back.

“ We need tode-couch people, give them a reason to come back out to the racetrack and see it. See it in person, be a part of it,” he said.

Being a part of it, that is what keeps Troy Stindt coming back from New Braunfels, time after time.

“ Feeling the buses drive in is just so fantastic . I mean it gets in your soul,” he said.

Tickets are still available for Sunday’s playoff race. You can find further information then.


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