Is Texas Motor Speedway’s Land More Valuable Than Its NASCAR Races?

Texas Motor Speedway, once constructed in the midst of an expansive prairie, has transformed into a hub of growth and development. The land it occupies has become immensely valuable in its own right, potentially rivaling the worth of hosting car races. With approximately 1,500 acres under its belt, TMS possesses a substantial property, boasting more parking space than even Disney World. However, the prospect of TMS selling parts of its vast estate is not on the horizon, as it would likely involve legal battles and complications.

Despite the value of its land, don’t expect significant changes at TMS anytime soon, even though the landscape of its marquee events may evolve. NASCAR continues to hold events at TMS, including the upcoming Auto Trader Echo Park Automotive 400, a 267-lap race scheduled for Sunday. However, it may be the last time TMS hosts a playoff race for a while.

The challenge TMS faces is the sheer size of its facilities. The sprawling 1.5-mile track comes with a surplus of seats, and there’s only so much demand to fill them all. Reports suggest that NASCAR may move its Fort Worth race to the spring, which could potentially result in the discontinuation of an IndyCar race at TMS in 2024. TMS Vice President and General Manager Mark Faber refrains from commenting on these speculations, but industry insiders believe there’s credence to these reports.

TMS has a strong desire for IndyCar to return, and discussions have taken place regarding a multi-year extension of their contract. However, potential scheduling conflicts with IndyCar, NASCAR’s Circuit of the Americas Race in Austin (operated by TMS), and the desire to avoid scorching Texas summer heat may complicate matters.

This situation underscores the changing landscape of motorsports and the need to adapt to evolving viewer preferences. TMS, once capable of accommodating over 181,655 fans, now faces the challenge of making its seating capacity align with the expectations of modern viewers. While TMS has removed some seats, a significant reduction would come at a considerable cost.

Faber remains focused on modernizing the facility and diversifying its events, including non-racing ones like conventions, festivals, and concerts. TMS, while sitting on valuable land, is far from imperiled. It will continue to be a prominent fixture in the world of motorsports, with the primary challenge being the management of its extensive seating capacity.


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