Erebus Motorsport sets sights on NASCAR Cup Series debut.


Erebus Motorsport sets sights on NASCAR Cup Series debut.

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Prospective New NASCAR Team for 2024? Erebus Motorsport, an Australian-based outfit known for its presence in the Supercars Championship, currently fields the No. 9 car driven by Will Brown and the No. 99 car piloted by Brodie Kostecki.

Kostecki made a notable debut in the NASCAR Cup Series earlier this season at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course and is keen on further ventures in the series.

Having collaborated with Richard Childress Racing, Erebus Motorsport envisions an extended partnership into the year 2024.

Erebus Motorsport is actively exploring the possibility of entering a NASCAR Cup Series team in the upcoming season.

Team CEO Berry Ryan expressed, “This is a topic we’ve been discussing for a while, and I’ve consistently advised Betty [Klimenko] that it’s worth considering,” as reported by Auto Action.

“Given Brodie’s keen interest and the commendable performance he put up, it would be unwise not to further nurture our collaboration with RCR, which would be mutually beneficial for both teams,” Ryan added.

“RCR unequivocally recognizes the advantages it brings to their road course program, and we concur. If we can allocate more staff to their operations and gain invaluable experience in between events, it’s a priceless opportunity,” he emphasized.


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