Chase Elliott Optimistic Despite Wreck, Aims to Challenge for Owner Points at Talladega NASCAR Race


Chase Elliott Optimistic Despite Wreck, Aims to Challenge for Owner Points at Talladega NASCAR Race

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Chase Elliott had a tumultuous day at the Cup race in Talladega, enduring a collision that left him with four flat tires. Despite the setback, he managed to secure a top-10 finish and earn valuable stage points.

Elliott, who started the race in 23rd position, expressed his frustration with the last-lap collision, admitting he had no idea what caused it. “I have no idea what happened; just got hit in the door, had four flat tires, I couldn’t drive back,” Elliott lamented.

When questioned about his team’s approach for the next race, he remained optimistic, saying, “Yeah, I think it was fine. We got some decent stage points and, um, finished seventh or eighth or something, so hopefully that’s good enough to, uh, help us in the points deal.”

Chase Elliott and his team continued their pursuit of the owner championship, making significant strides. With only one race left in the Round of 12, the No. 9 team now sits comfortably in fourth place in the owner points standings, boasting a 20-point cushion above the cutoff.

The owner’s title holds considerable importance in NASCAR, as it directly impacts team finances. While Elliott missed securing a spot in the driver’s playoffs, he remains fully dedicated to the owner’s playoffs, aiming to deliver the best results for his team.

“I don’t feel any different than I have felt in years past. It still keeps us very motivated and keeps me motivated to want to go and do a good job. Now that we are here, it feels like another playoff year really in our approach and my approach,” Elliott affirmed.

Despite facing challenges such as running out of gasoline at Watkins Glen and finishing 11th in Texas, as well as the multi-car crash at Talladega resulting in four flat tires, Elliott’s determination to secure the best outcome for his team this season remains unwavering.


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