Visa complications disrupt inaugural Indian GP in MotoGP, leading to the inability of certain teams and riders to travel.

Numerous individuals within the MotoGP paddock, including riders like Marc Marquez, find themselves unable to travel to India as they have been grounded due to persistent visa problems.

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This weekend was set to host the inaugural MotoGP round in India at the former Formula 1 venue, Buddh International Circuit.

The event has been plagued by numerous uncertainties, with track improvements only recently completed and the homologation process still pending.

Aprilia’s Aleix Espargaro recently informed that riders have joined forces to address concerns about track safety. They are scheduled to conduct an inspection themselves on Thursday and then vote on whether to proceed with the race.

Most of the paddock originally planned to fly to India on Tuesday, September 19, but many were denied boarding due to visa issues. This includes the factory Honda team and its riders, including the eight-time world champion Marquez.

Marquez shared on his social media that his flight was delayed due to a lack of an Indian visa and humorously added that he would be pedaling for a while, alongside a picture of himself on a mountain bike. He now anticipates the possibility of boarding a flight to India on Wednesday, contingent on the arrival of his visa.

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Several teams, including Ducati and Aprilia, have managed to make their way to the event, but numerous others have not been as fortunate.

The prevailing confusion has led those affected to point fingers at the various agencies responsible for coordinating the necessary arrangements, both in Europe and India.

Honda had to cancel a planned factory visit in India with its riders scheduled for Wednesday, and many members of the media and photographers missed their flights due to visa delays.

The International Road-Race Teams’ Association (IRTA) has pledged to reimburse teams that had to incur expenses to change their flight bookings.

Currently, there is hope that everyone will arrive in Delhi by Thursday at the latest to ensure the event proceeds as planned. However, there is a contingency plan in place to potentially reduce or cancel Friday’s activities depending on the progress of the visa situation.

A similar measure was implemented last year at the Argentina Grand Prix when technical problems with cargo planes caused freight to arrive late, resulting in the cancellation of Friday’s sessions.

We anticipate an update from the Indian Grand Prix organizers in the near future.


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