TVS Motor Unveils India's Opening Electric 2-Wheeler Racing Championship


TVS Motor Unveils India’s Opening Electric 2-Wheeler Racing Championship

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The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has taken a significant step by suspending the approval of Air India’s Flight Safety Chief for a duration of one month. This action is a direct result of identified safety lapses that were brought to light during a comprehensive evaluation.

The evaluation, conducted by the DGCA’s inspection team on July 25 and 26, delved into multiple critical aspects. It scrutinized internal audit processes, accident prevention measures, and the availability of essential technical manpower within Air India.

Upon a thorough examination, it became evident that Air India displayed significant deficiencies in its accident prevention procedures. Furthermore, the airline was found lacking in compliance with the required levels of technical staffing, as outlined in the approved Flight Safety Manual and relevant Civil Aviation Requirements.

The suspension of the Flight Safety Chief’s approval serves as a resounding message that safety shortcomings will not be condoned. Airlines are unequivocally expected to rigorously adhere to the established safety protocols and guidelines.

To regain regulatory approval and reestablish trust in its safety measures, Air India must promptly address and rectify the identified deficiencies.



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