MotoGP Indonesia: Jorge Martin on a Perfect Race Turned Awry with a 1-Meter Mistake


MotoGP Indonesia: Jorge Martin on a Perfect Race Turned Awry with a 1-Meter Mistake

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Jorge Martin’s tenure as the leader of the MotoGP world championship was short-lived, as he lost his position during the Indonesian Grand Prix just 24 hours after claiming it. Going into the race, Martin had a 7-point advantage over Francesco Bagnaia, who started the race from the 13th position on the grid.

At the start, Martin surged ahead from the second row and built a comfortable lead over Maverick Vinales. However, his dreams of victory were shattered midway through the race when he lost control at Turn 11, resulting in his first Did Not Finish (DNF) since the Circuit of the Americas in April.

With Martin out of the race, Bagnaia capitalized on the opportunity, overtaking Vinales to secure an unexpected victory and regain the championship lead.

Martin, reflecting on his performance up to the unfortunate fall, said, “It was perfect, a great start, and then I was trying to make the gap a bit bigger. When I saw ‘2.8s,’ I was really surprised. So I said, ‘OK, it’s time to maybe keep calm now.'”

He explained that the pivotal mistake occurred in the previous corner when he ran wide on a dirty section, causing him to lose control at Turn 11. Despite the setback, he remained positive, emphasizing that he was still the fastest and that there were ten more races to go in the season.

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Martin, who had significantly narrowed Bagnaia’s lead over the past eight races, now trails by 18 points as he heads into the Australian round.

Despite the disappointment, Martin commended Bagnaia for his remarkable comeback from an eighth-place finish in the Sprint race. Martin acknowledged that Bagnaia excels on Sundays and praised his performance.

Martin looks forward to the upcoming races and maintains his confidence in his ability to compete for victory. He expressed his determination not to dwell on the mistake and continues his pursuit of the championship title.

The racing action will resume at Phillip Island, with Martin as the challenger once again, hoping to keep the pressure on Bagnaia.


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