Verstappen's Triumph: The 100 Pivotal Moments that Secured His Championship


Verstappen’s Triumph: The 100 Pivotal Moments that Secured His Championship

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In the 2023 Formula 1 season, Max Verstappen secured an impressive total of 14 victories. Red Bull’s Team Principal, Christian Horner, pinpointed two races that he believes were particularly exceptional and pivotal in sealing Verstappen’s championship.

The streak began in Miami, where Verstappen overtook his teammate Sergio Perez on Lap 48, leading to an unprecedented 10-race winning spree. This remarkable feat shattered the previous record of nine held by Sebastian Vettel. However, the streak was interrupted by a fifth-place finish in Singapore on an off weekend.

Verstappen quickly rebounded, clinching victories in Japan and Qatar. It was in Qatar that he secured his third title in the Sprint race. This brings his total wins to 14 out of 17 races, heading into the final stretch of five events to conclude the season.

Verstappen has the opportunity to break his own record with two more wins. If he secures victory in all five remaining races, he will amass 54 career wins, surpassing Vettel’s 53 and Alain Prost’s 51, placing him third on the all-time list.

While Verstappen’s performance has marked one of the most dominant driver campaigns in F1’s history, Christian Horner was able to highlight two races that were particularly outstanding.

Horner expressed, “Throughout the season, Max has won some challenging races. His performance in Suzuka was nothing short of extraordinary, displaying total dominance. Additionally, his triumph in Zandvoort under difficult conditions showcased his exceptional skill. This year has seen some monumental victories.”

Verstappen’s entry into F1 at the age of 17 in 2015 was considered early by some, given his limited experience beyond karting and only two years in single-seater racing. While his innate talent caught the attention of Red Bull’s decision-makers, it took six seasons before he could mount a credible title challenge, largely due to Mercedes’ advantage and Lewis Hamilton’s supremacy, as well as Red Bull’s comparatively weaker power unit.

Max always possessed tremendous speed from the moment he first sat in the car, and now he combines it with invaluable experience,” noted Horner. “He joined F1 as a somewhat raw talent but has since evolved into a highly polished gem. He has retained those innate qualities while gaining vital experience.

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