Verstappen's Astonishment at F1 Rivals' Margin Shocks the Grid

Max Verstappen Expresses Surprise Over Red Bull’s Strong Start in Dominant F1 Season

Max Verstappen has confessed his astonishment at Red Bull’s impressive performance at the beginning of this Formula 1 season. He anticipated a closer competition but found Red Bull’s early dominance unexpected.

The season started with Red Bull clearly establishing themselves as the fastest team on the grid. At the Bahrain Grand Prix opener, Verstappen finished almost 40 seconds ahead of the nearest non-Red Bull car.

This strong form continued over the next months, with Red Bull winning all but one of the 16 races held so far. Verstappen himself claimed victory in 13 of these races, putting him on the brink of a third World Championship title, which he could secure at the upcoming Qatar Grand Prix.

Verstappen had initially expected a more closely contested season. He shared his surprise, saying, “I was more surprised at the start [of the season]. We all at the team expected it to be very close. And it wasn’t in the beginning. So then, of course throughout the year, I think it’s quite a normal thing that you’ll start looking around developing on ideas and start to get closer. For me, it was more surprising at the start.


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