Unambiguous Instance: Max Verstappen's Case Highlighted in Peculiar Lewis Hamilton FIA Probe


Unambiguous Instance: Max Verstappen’s Case Highlighted in Peculiar Lewis Hamilton FIA Probe

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Karun Chandhok finds it “rather peculiar” that the FIA is reevaluating Lewis Hamilton’s track crossing incident in Qatar, especially considering Logan Sargeant’s similar act in the previous race and Max Verstappen’s in 2021.

Hamilton’s race at the Qatar Grand Prix ended abruptly after colliding with teammate George Russell on the opening lap. With his car in disrepair and stranded in the gravel at Turn 1, Hamilton crossed the track to reach the pits, a violation of Article 26.7 b) of the FIA Formula One Sporting Regulations, resulting in a €50,000 fine.

However, the FIA’s decision to reexamine the case due to Hamilton’s “role model status” perplexes Chandhok. He points out that just one race earlier, Williams’ newcomer Logan Sargeant also crossed the track and pit lane after a crash during qualifying in Japan. Chandhok acknowledges that this behavior should not be endorsed, but questions why Hamilton’s case is being treated differently.

He further recalls Max Verstappen’s incident at Monza in 2021, when he walked on the track after a notorious crash with Lewis Hamilton. No investigation followed.

The reopening of Hamilton’s case raises concerns, particularly regarding the wording used by the FIA. Sam Cooper, a journalist from PlanetF1.com, believes that the governing body has unnecessarily stirred controversy. He questions how the FIA defines a “role model” and whether it applies to drivers like Logan Sargeant and Oscar Piastri.

Cooper also highlights a previous incident involving a four-time World Champion who committed a similarly risky act by riding a moped on the track with his helmet improperly worn. The explanation for the €5,000 fine he received did not cite his role model status, leaving questions about the criteria used by the FIA in such matters.



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