The game, of course, is played at the famous Hard Rock Stadium, which is used during F1 weekend for Formula One teams' hospitalities. An ideal picture of efficiency and crossover of two sports has thus been created.


The game, of course, is played at the famous Hard Rock Stadium, which is used during F1 weekend for Formula One teams’ hospitalities. An ideal picture of efficiency and crossover of two sports has thus been created.

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The Miami GP has significantly boosted the financial landscape of both the city and the state of Florida in 2022 and 2023. It’s evident that Formula 1 is experiencing a resurgence in the United States, and the Miami GP has firmly established itself on the F1 calendar for the foreseeable future. A post-race visit to the track a few months later underscores the exceptional efficiency of the Miami GP.

While some circuits face challenges in hosting top events during the season, the Miami GP ingeniously leverages its newly constructed F1 facilities. For instance, during a Miami Dolphins American Football game, the pit boxes and paddock club facilities are transformed into spaces for the popular “tailgating” tradition, where fans gather for pre-game barbecues. This strategic utilization ensures year-round activity, thus establishing an additional revenue stream with the introduction of Formula One in Miami.

The game itself takes place at the iconic Hard Rock Stadium, which during the F1 weekend serves as the venue for the Formula One teams’ hospitality areas. This harmonious interplay between two sports exemplifies efficiency at its finest.

Tom Garfinkel, CEO of the Dolphins and Managing Partner of the Miami GP, expressed his pride in the race’s organization over the past two years, stating, “Reflecting on the inaugural edition in 2022, it was particularly gratifying to witness what we accomplished in just 11 months. In 2023, armed with more experience, we fine-tuned the event with even greater attention to detail. This is why we’re enthusiastic about implementing some minor enhancements to the Grand Prix in 2024.”

Garfinkel also shared exciting updates about the upcoming season, mentioning the introduction of new tickets that allow fans to experience a different grandstand each day. While this isn’t a pioneering move in the GP world, it’s a thoughtful initiative aimed at enhancing the F1 experience for fans. Additionally, details about the support classes for the 2024 race weekend will be revealed soon. The aim is to get more rubber on the track and deliver even more thrilling racing action for the fans. It’s an exciting prospect, and while there will be some minor tweaks, there won’t be any major overhauls for the 2024 GP.”

In a bold move, the 2023 Miami GP saw a remarkable transformation with the introduction of the paddock at the iconic Hard Rock Stadium. F1 teams embraced this change wholeheartedly, citing the convenience of their dedicated kitchen facilities on the Miami Dolphins’ field. This success paves the way for future editions, with plans to expand campus tickets, ensuring an even larger fan base can relish this distinctive Miami GP experience. Tom Garfinkel, the driving force behind this endeavor, envisions a steady growth in attendance, aiming for an impressive 90,000 to 95,000 attendees daily.

This significant shift marked a departure from the inaugural 2022 GP, where the paddock setup underwent substantial operational refinements. “This year, everything ran operationally flawlessly after opting for the stadium-based paddock and constructing the new paddock club building,” remarked Garfinkel.

Tyler Epp, the esteemed president of the Miami track and a seasoned motorsports organizer, recognized the advantages of incorporating support classes during the F1 weekend. These events lay down more rubber on the track, resulting in improved conditions for F1 drivers taking to the circuit. While the inclusion of NASCAR is ruled out due to technical complexities, exciting announcements regarding other classes set to grace the event in the coming year are eagerly anticipated.

Beyond the stadium’s confines and throughout Miami, Formula One’s presence has flourished. Even outside race weekends, the faces of Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez, and Fernando Alonso adorn billboards, attesting to F1’s burgeoning popularity in the United States. Garfinkel highlighted the surge in interest among the younger demographic (18-25-year-olds), who avidly follow the sport. “This demographic is a beacon of positivity for F1’s future in America, and I anticipate this upward trajectory to persist,” he enthused.

Reflecting on the shift in American sports culture, Garfinkel mused, “Five or ten years ago, the average American sports fan struggled to name three F1 drivers. Now, they can effortlessly name five and even tell you their favorite driver.”

Post the Miami GP, a financial windfall was evident, with the city reaping nearly half a billion dollars in additional expenditures. This economic impact is akin to hosting the Super Bowl annually, injecting vitality into the city. Notably, the timing of the event in May aligns favorably with hotel occupancy rates, ensuring a bustling GP weekend. Garfinkel also underscored the race’s positive influence on the Miami Gardens area, emphasizing the collaborative efforts between the event organizers and the local community.

The article continues below, offering insights into how the F1 facilities seamlessly transition into hosting an NFL match featuring the Miami Dolphins.

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The Miami GP stands out as a trailblazer in sustainability, demonstrating a commitment to maximize the benefits of hosting the Grand Prix year-round. Drawing from extensive experience with the Dolphins and the formidable NFL organization, recognized as America’s largest sports entity, Formula One’s close collaboration with the NFL is both strategic and synergistic.

Tom Garfinkel, with evident pride, highlighted the striking parallels between the speed of Miami Dolphins players and Formula 1, emphasizing their positions among the fastest in the NFL. “The resemblances are remarkable. I’d welcome more collaboration between Formula 1 and the NFL, especially considering the NFL’s expanding global footprint. Joint promotion could be instrumental in this growth. With the NFL reigning supreme in America and Formula 1’s ambitions to flourish stateside, mutual support is a clear win-win,” he asserted.

While the Dolphins remain the linchpin of their operations, hosting Formula 1 has become a pivotal venture, underlining its significance to the organization. Additionally, the international tennis event they host further cements their status in these three key markets, as noted by Garfinkel, who observed the Dolphins securing their fifth win of the season.

Regarding the prospect of a night race, Garfinkel acknowledged ongoing discussions but emphasized that while it’s an intriguing possibility for the future, concrete plans are yet to be established. The complexities involved in organizing a night race necessitate careful consideration. As of 2024, such an event is not on the horizon. However, an adjustment to the race start time is slated for the following year, set to commence half an hour later. This subtle modification aims to enhance the spectator experience, providing a more temperate atmosphere for fans to savor the myriad attractions at the event. “Keeping fans engaged and comfortable is paramount, given the multitude of activities on offer,” Tom Garfinkel concluded.


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