Sargeant Stands Firm on F1 Record Amid Hamilton and Alonso Remarks

Logan Sargeant Advocates for More Time in Formula 1, Citing Limited Testing Opportunities for Rookies

Logan Sargeant is emphatic about the need for additional time in Formula 1, highlighting the scarcity of testing chances for new drivers and the contrasting circumstances compared to when Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso commenced their F1 journeys.

In his bid for a contract extension with Williams amidst heightened scrutiny, team principal James Vowles has consistently supported Sargeant’s progression.

Nevertheless, while Sargeant’s elevation to F1 after just one F2 season was a decision made by Williams, his on-track performances have been somewhat underwhelming. Emerging talents such as Oscar Piastri and Liam Lawson have showcased impressive speed and potential.

Moreover, delayed access to team upgrades and restricted pre-season testing are believed to be additional factors influencing Sargeant’s competitive outcomes.

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It’s an ongoing process, and I believe nobody achieves perfection in that regard, he shared with the press.

It’s all about growing from our mistakes. It might sound counterintuitive, but leveraging them to gain insights and knowledge. In an ideal scenario, more testing would be available, as that’s the most effective way to get ready.

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James Vowles, the team principal of Williams, has been a staunch advocate for Logan Sargeant.

He remarked, ‘Back in the day when Lewis [Hamilton] and Fernando [Alonso] entered the scene, they were granted extensive testing days, even in the current cars. This is a stark contrast to the circumstances we face today.

‘Nowadays, it’s always a preceding generation, and that certainly has an impact. Nevertheless, even if it’s the prior generation of cars for testing, having more days overall can make a significant difference.


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