Russell Warns of 'Borderline Dangerous' Potential F1 Ban

George Russell Urges F1 to Explore Sustainable Tyre Blankets Instead of Imposing a Potentially ‘Dangerous’ Ban

Mercedes driver George Russell advocates for F1 to investigate eco-friendly tyre blankets as an alternative to an impending ban, expressing concerns about its safety implications. The proposed ban aims to support F1’s sustainability efforts, targeting one of the major energy-consuming elements during Grand Prix weekends.

Pirelli, the official F1 tyre supplier, has conducted multiple tests throughout the year with blankets-free tyres designed to rapidly heat up before timed laps on the track. However, a meeting of the F1 Commission at the Belgian Grand Prix led to teams postponing the proposal until at least 2025.

As a GPDA director, Russell suggests that F1 should explore alternative solutions. He stated, “Many drivers find it challenging for tyre manufacturers to achieve this task. Competing in a 1,000 horsepower car with our current downforce levels without tyre blankets is potentially perilous. By prioritizing the development of more sustainable tyre blankets, we could achieve a win-win situation.”

Russell believes that there is already progress in the development of eco-friendly tyre blankets with minimal energy consumption. He concludes, “While blanket removal might be a possibility in the future, it’s unlikely to happen in the next several years.


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