Red Bull Team Principal Contemplated Disabling Max Verstappen During the US Grand Prix.


Red Bull Team Principal Contemplated Disabling Max Verstappen During the US Grand Prix.

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Max Verstappen’s Impact on Red Bull Goes Beyond Measure in 2023. The three-time champion has been setting new standards of dominance. However, it’s not all smooth sailing at the Milton-Keynes-based team. Verstappen’s tendency to get overly fired up is well-known, often leading to fiery exchanges over the team radio. At the 2023 US Grand Prix, Christian Horner even considered cutting off communication with the passionate Dutch driver, as reported by Verstappen’s fiery nature comes to the forefront when he’s behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car. On multiple occasions, the 26-year-old has shown flashes of temper, using the radio to vent his frustrations.

Gianpiero Lambiase, Verstappen’s engineer, often bears the brunt of his heated outbursts. Their live altercations over the team radio have become famous.

At the 2023 US Grand Prix, Verstappen faced a brake issue, which exacerbated his frustration. While losing ground to both Lando Norris and Lewis Hamilton, Lambiase provided constant updates. However, Verstappen snapped at him for speaking while he was braking.

As reported by, “Max Verstappen made his voice heard en route to his fiftieth Grand Prix victory. He expressed dissatisfaction with his brakes and objected to the race engineer communicating while he was braking. Team boss Christian Horner even jokingly considered placing a sponsor sticker on Verstappen’s mouth, ultimately opting for the cool box where seventeen stickers from previous Grands Prix were displayed.”

Despite their frequent disagreements, Verstappen and Lambiase share one of the strongest bonds in the paddock. While their relationship is complex, the mutual respect between them is immense.

Team principal Horner likened their relationship to “more like an old married couple, almost debating about which channel of television they should be watching.” This isn’t surprising, considering the extensive history they share.

According to Red Bull’s own account, “Lambiase joined Red Bull Racing from Force India in 2015, initially partnering with Daniil Kvyat. However, when Kvyat was replaced before the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix, Lambiase began working with a new, supremely confident and highly talented 18-year-old, Verstappen.

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