Qatar Grand Prix Circuit complete Extensive Renovations in Preparation for F1 Comeback


Qatar Grand Prix Circuit complete Extensive Renovations in Preparation for F1 Comeback

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The track has made multiple infrastructure and safety upgrades to benefit the large number of fans that are set to attend the return of Formula 1 in Qatar.

The Lusail International Circuit has undergone a comprehensive transformation and implemented enhanced safety measures in anticipation of the eagerly awaited return of the Qatar Grand Prix. This highly anticipated event marks the beginning of a long-term contract, following the inaugural race held in 2021 and a brief hiatus in 2022 due to the FIFA World Cup. Organizers are bracing themselves for a surge in attendance, with a surge of enthusiastic fans expected to converge on the circuit from October 6th to 8th.

One of the most significant upgrades at the Lusail International Circuit is the expansion of seating capacity in the grandstands, now accommodating up to 40,000 spectators. This substantial increase is complemented by improvements to the parking infrastructure, ensuring a smoother and more convenient experience for attendees. Furthermore, the fan experience has been elevated with the expansion of the fan zone and VIP areas, including the exclusive F1 Paddock Club.

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In addition to the enhancements made to the spectator areas, the paddock facilities have received a considerable facelift. This overhaul includes the establishment of new media and medical centers, modernization of pit buildings, and upgrades to the garages. The Lusail International Circuit now boasts a remarkable 50 pit boxes, cementing its status as the track with the highest number of pit boxes on the Formula 1 calendar. Notably, local roads and intersections have also been improved to facilitate smoother access for both personnel and fans.

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Abdulrahman bin Abdullatif Al Mannai, President of Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation and Lusail International Circuit, expressed his excitement about these significant developments, stating, “This stunning and extensive remodelling is the product of months of hard work, ambition, and imagination, and is a fitting introduction to what promises to be a thrilling weekend of motorsports.” He added, “Our long-term agreement with F1 marks a significant advancement for Qatar, which is rapidly gaining a reputation as a renowned host for some of the world’s most prestigious sporting events, that are sure to serve fans on all fronts.”

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As the Qatar Grand Prix prepares to return to the Lusail International Circuit, motorsport enthusiasts and Formula 1 fans can anticipate an extraordinary and memorable race weekend, complemented by state-of-the-art facilities and a commitment to providing an exceptional experience for all attendees.

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Safety enhancements made in Qatar

In a concerted effort to bolster safety and further solidify its status as a premier motorsport venue, the Lusail International Circuit in Qatar has recently undergone significant enhancements. Spearheaded by the Swiss company Geobrugg, these improvements encompass an array of safety measures designed to meet the exacting standards set by the FIA Grade 1 Circuit Safety regulations while simultaneously optimizing the spectator experience.

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Among the prominent additions to the circuit, Geobrugg has installed cutting-edge debris fences, extending over a remarkable 2.5 kilometers of the track. What sets these barriers apart is the introduction of a novel six-meter debris fence post spacing solution. This innovative choice not only adheres to the stringent FIA Grade 1 safety standards but also offers spectators unobstructed views of the racing action.

Amro Al Hamad, CEO of Lusail International Circuit and Executive Director of Qatar Motor & Motorcycle Federation, affirmed the paramount importance of spectator safety, especially with the anticipation of a large influx of fans during the Qatar Grand Prix. He underscored the dedication to implementing the highest levels of safety measures to ensure an incident-free event.

In a collaborative effort with both the FIA and the motorcycle governing body FIM, the circuit also upgraded its lighting panels and marshal posts. These enhancements are meticulously engineered to accommodate both car and bike racing disciplines, thereby ensuring the track’s suitability for a wide range of motorsport events.

Prior to the construction phase, rigorous track simulations were conducted to guarantee continued compliance with the stringent safety standards set forth by the governing bodies. This proactive approach underscores Lusail International Circuit’s commitment to safety as an ongoing process.

The Lusail International Circuit’s commitment to safety aligns seamlessly with its long-term vision. As part of its strategic expansion plan, the circuit is set to host the World Endurance Championship season opener from the next year, diversifying its portfolio beyond its existing deal with MotoGP, which extends until 2031.

Jochen Braunwarth, Director Motorsport Solutions at Geobrugg, expressed pride in their involvement with the project, highlighting the significance of Lusail International Circuit joining the ranks of Grand Prix venues adopting their debris fence solutions. Acknowledging Lusail’s rapid growth and its pursuit of hosting various car and bike racing events, Braunwarth emphasized the critical role of top-tier fencing safety in ensuring the circuit’s continued success.

The comprehensive safety enhancements at Lusail International Circuit underscore the ongoing dedication to providing a secure and thrilling racing experience for both competitors and spectators, solidifying its position as a world-class motorsport venue.


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