Pirelli Extends F1 Tyre Supplier Contract Through 2027: Racing's Trusted Rubber on Track!


Pirelli Extends F1 Tyre Supplier Contract Through 2027: Racing’s Trusted Rubber on Track!

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Pirelli, the renowned Italian tire manufacturer, has successfully clinched the contract to continue serving as the exclusive tire supplier for Formula One, a role it has held since 2010. This new agreement extends Pirelli’s position until 2027, with an option for an additional year.

The decision to renew Pirelli’s contract was reached after a competitive tender process earlier this year, during which they faced competition from Japanese tire giant Bridgestone. The Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), the sport’s governing body, presented both tire suppliers as suitable candidates for the role. The final choice was made by Formula One, led by CEO Stefano Domenicali, through a commercial agreement with Pirelli.

Explaining the rationale behind selecting Pirelli over Bridgestone, Domenicali emphasized the importance of considering technical and commercial aspects. He expressed gratitude to Bridgestone for participating in the process, highlighting that Formula One remains an attractive platform for tire manufacturers. Ultimately, the decision to continue with Pirelli was deemed the most beneficial for the sport’s future, taking into account the technical challenges and commercial opportunities that lie ahead.

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In a statement confirming the agreement, the FIA outlined specific targets for Pirelli, aiming to develop tires that offer a wide working range, minimize overheating, exhibit low degradation, and introduce strategic variability into the races.

Pirelli’s commitment extends beyond Formula One, as their contract also includes tire supply agreements for Formula 2 and Formula 3, reinforcing their continued presence and influence in the world of motorsport.




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